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13 Ways to prolong sex. Tips for women.

13 Ways to prolong sex. Tips for women.

It happens that your husband can not wait until you reach orgasm.

You should not immediately part with him because of this. You can try to fix something in your intimate relationship.

First of all, it should be noted that the ability of a man who is all right with potency and has a passion for his partner, to perform prolonged sexual intercourse is not the norm.

Five minutes, many of which are laughed at by both women and men who are good at sex, are physiological for a normal average man.

On the contrary, if a man stretches every sexual intercourse and can not reach orgasm for a long time, it is worth thinking about whether he is all right with potency.

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Therefore, if your husband does not complete sexual intercourse a few seconds after entering you, but just can not continue it enough to satisfy you, it is normal.

And often courageous men, whom women would like to see as their husbands, do not have special abilities in sex. Their attention is focused on achievements in society, not on feats in bed.

But if your husband completes intercourse too quickly and you don't like it, it's time to take his orgasm into your own hands. You can try the following methods:

1. Repeated sexual intercourse. Many men for the first time on a date can not cope with passion, so the first "action" does not last long.

In this case, you should  not think about your pleasure during the first sex with him, but give him the opportunity to enjoy. For the first time, you can offer him mutual oral sex. He will have an orgasm, you will get a little hot. Repeated sexual intercourse will be longer.

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2.Condoms. Often the use of condoms slightly reduces the sensitivity of the glans penis. Long-acting condoms are also available. The use of additional lubrication, on the contrary, enhances pleasure and accelerates orgasm.

3.Selection of poses. Suitable for any pose in which he controls the process. The worst thing is to try to prolong sexual intercourse in a missionary position. It is best to use standing and back poses, "doggy style", with his feet on his shoulders or a pose of "rider".

4.Long foreplay. Ask him to caress you longer before sexual intercourse and enter you when you are very aroused.

5.Orgasm after intercourse. Allow him to complete sexual intercourse when he succeeds, and satisfy you after with his hand.

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6.Practices. Invite him to practice Taoist or tantric practices together. In class, partners learn to control their breathing, be aware of their body during intercourse and continue to have fun.

7.Special training. Not every man will like it if his partner tells him what to do. But you can find a way to ask him to do the exercises. There are many exercise techniques on the Internet: exercises designed by Kegel, training by James Simmons or William Masters and Virginia Johnson.

8.Pauses. This is something you can regulate yourself, in poses that give you more freedom of action. Stop moving as soon as you feel that he is close to orgasm. This can be done several times. Skilled partners themselves learn to stop for a few seconds to reduce arousal and prolong sexual intercourse.

9.Take your orgasm. Maybe it's not him, it's you? Can't you reach orgasm for a long time? If you learn to deeply relax your body and completely "turn off" your head during sex, in this state you will reach orgasm much faster. Yoga classes and various women's practices are suitable for this purpose. Then maybe your husband won't have to do anything to wait for your climax.

10.Partner changes. If he doesn't care, do you have fun with him in bed and he doesn't respond to your signals, why do you need such a lover?

11.Get upset. If you love your husband, then the very fact that you are wanted should make you a happy and satisfied woman. And orgasm can be obtained after, on their own, while he is in the shower (it is better not to reveal to him this little secret).

12.Offer a man drugs that reduce sensitivity. Many men give such advice on forums. But if the drug is not prescribed by a doctor, it can cause harm. Nor should a man drink alcohol. Although large doses of alcohol reduce sensitivity and allow a man to prolong sexual intercourse, it is better not to associate sex with alcohol.

13.Criticize his sexual abilities. This is generally taboo. The best way to encourage him to change his sexual behavior is to thank him for sex and celebrate with special enthusiasm everything that goes well for him.

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