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Anal sex. Things to know before your first time.

Anal sex. Things to know before your first time.

Anal sex. Many people are already uncomfortable hearing these words, but men most often offer this to their partners. If you would like to try it out or have already tried it, then learn how to enjoy it the best way.

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Make sure you want it .

Not all women like anal sex at all. Many find it painful, many don't even want to try it. That's why you need to know if you want it - don't obey your husband's desires if it's against your wishes. 

Of course, it should not be mentioned that many women also find anal sex very pleasant.

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Relax . 

The anal muscles are very narrow and tight and control your bowel function. It is recommended for a woman to breathe deeply, otherwise anal sex can cause pain. 

In addition, it should be remembered that a well-oiled finger should first be slid into the anus to gradually prepare the muscles for penile insertion. Remember that the goal is not to stretch the anus, but to allow it to expand slowly.

Use lubricants, oils . 

The third condition for pleasant anal sex is the use of various lubricants. Various oils and other wonders can be bought in sex shops.

Take your time! . 

The worst thing you can do in anal sex is hurry. Do not allow your partner to inject your penis deeply and quickly into your buttocks at once. 

As a result of the rush, anal sex may seem unpleasant to a woman and she may never want to repeat it again. If anal sex takes place slowly and gently - it will undoubtedly be much more pleasant.

Don't forget about sexually transmitted diseases . 

One of the most common mistakes is that safety is forgotten during anal sex. 

here is a big chance of developing various sexually transmitted diseases as during vaginal sex. 

During anal sex, you may not have to worry about a woman getting pregnant, but you should think about safe sex one way or another. Use condoms (it is recommended to lubricate them beforehand)! 

After orgasm, make sure that the condom does not slip and that the seed does not leak in an unnecessary direction.

Never inject the penis into another part of the body immediately after inserting it into the anus! 


If you have anal sex, you should not immediately continue with oral or vaginal sex! 

However, if you want to enjoy other forms of sex, then after anal sex, the penis must be washed with warm water and soap. This is because there are a lot of bacteria in the anus that can cause various infections, inflammation, and so on.

And finally, remember that many couples need a workout first to try something new in their sex lives. If something fails the first time - don't worry. Keep trying! Be patient and gentle towards yourself and your partner.


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