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Best Erotic Books TOP 10

The erotic genre accounts for 6% of all published literature sales in the world. Thousands of men and women read books about sex every day. And interest in literature is growing. The works of Erica Leonard (aka L. James) have produced overwhelming success in recent years. The 50 Shades of Gray series has greatly increased readers' interest in the genre.

Which books have the most gripping plot and most exciting erotic scenes? Top 10 Sexually-Oriented Books According to Research by CNBC Columnists:

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1.50 shades of gray

The novel by the English writer E. Leonard was published in 2011. The plot is based on the relationship between entrepreneur Christian Gray and student Anastacia Steele. The book features an abundance of BDSM sex scenes. The novel has been filmed, and it already has a sequel. This fascinating story served as the impetus for interesting experiments in thousands of couples. And based on the movie and the book, a series of sex toys has been released.

2. One hundred touches

The book by Melissa Parnello was published in 2003, it was filmed under the title "Melissa's Diary". The plot is based on the diary of a teenage girl. The main subject of the heroine's interest is a variety of carnal pleasures, presented by the author without the slightest censorship. In the book, the heroine tried everything: orgies, sexual minorities, BDSMD, which led her to mental devastation. The crown of creation is a happy end: a meeting of true love.

3. Venus in furs

The Austrian author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch for the first time in his work tried to comprehend the social, cultural and psychological phenomenon of sadism / masochism through the prism of open scenes of this nature. Love in the book is stamped with crimson stripes on all parts of the body. The book was published in 1870, filmed several times.

4. Elusive maniac. In search of a new victim

The title of José Luis Avtovares's book reveals its storyline. The hero of the story is a real person - Antonio do Nascimento, on whose account more than 300 victims of sexual violence, and all these scenes are painted in colors by the author. However, the main character is ambiguous, with some women he is a maniac, with others - a quivering and gentle lover. The book is 2005.

5. Gamiani, or Two Nights of Voluptuousness

Scandalous book by Alfred de Musset 2014. The author parodies the canons of romanticism, deducing stereotypes of the perception of men as boastful lustful cowards, women - insincere hypocritical debauches into the heroes of the work, generously sprinkling the plot with explicit sexual scenes.


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6. The Happy Prostitute: My Own Story

Autobiographical work of an American call girl who later became a journalist. The book was published under the pseudonym Xaver Hollander in 1971. It lifts the veil of mystery - why people go to this profession, and how everything happens within this occupation.

7. Fear of flight

The first pearl of erotic feminist prose. Written by Erica Jong, published 1973. Despite the considerable age of the novel, the book is a worthy example of sexual literature, with an abundance of cognitive scenes from the point of view of adherents of sexual intercourse.

8. Tropic of Cancer

Unlike the previous author, Henry Miller, who wrote the novel, so enriched it with sex scenes with frank vocabulary that he became the reason for the introduction of censorship of literary works in the United States. The plot is the author's autobiographical sexual journey. Simply - all his adventures. Published in 1934.

9. Vagina monologues

The author of the book, Yves Enzler, in the form of a confession, reveals the entire woman’s prenatal from critical days to menopause. The idea of ​​the work is in the perception of oneself physically and emotionally through the issues of sex. The originality of the work lies in the variable methods recommended by the author to obtain the greatest sexual pleasure for men.

10. Reader

2008 novel by German woman Bernhard Schlink. The plot is based on the relationship between a mature lady and a 15-year-old boy. The book is filmed, but the film has much less explicit scenes. And the main thing in the work is an unusual plot, not erotic scenes.

It is impossible not to mention the classic of erotic literature of all times and peoples, which does not need advertising - "Kama Sutra" by Mallanagi Vatsyayanu. The work is more than 2000 years old, but it excites the minds and stimulates to experiment in bed to this day, fully justifying itself as the "Bible of Sex".

What else is worth reading to get excited? Pauline Reage's Story, 11 Minutes by Paulo Coelho, Justine, or the Misfortunes of Virtue by the Marquis de Sade. What books did you like? Let us know in the comments!

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