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How and when to have your first anal sex? Step by step instructions

How and when to have your first anal sex? Step by step instructions

Proper anal sex will give only pleasant sensations. How to prepare for anal, how to practice for the first time so that it does not hurt? Simple tips will help you enjoy and discover new sensations. A step-by-step instruction will not allow mistakes.

When to have anal sex

Anal sex is a very intimate process, and for its implementation it is important to choose the right time and mood. To practice it, it is important to observe several conditions:
  • Mutual desire. Only if both participants are ready for experiments, is it worth trying this kind of contact. You do not need to agree under pressure if only one member of the couple shows a desire. Refusal from anal sex is the right of any person, and one does not have to give in to persuasion.
  • Great health. The host partner should be guided by their feelings. If there is discomfort, if there was no bowel movement in the last 5-7 hours, then you should choose another moment. The process will be pleasant only when nothing distracts from it.
  • The right preparation. Anal contact requires a special lubricant and the use of a condom. If accessories are not at hand, it’s best to reschedule the experiment.
Butt plug for anal sex
You can try penetration into the anus at any age. The first experience will be interesting both at age 20 and at age 55. But proper preparation and correct movements are important.

How to prepare for anal sex

The process of preparing for anal is very simple: you need to go to the toilet in advance to empty the intestines. And just before sex, take a shower. These procedures are enough for everything to go well.


Do I need to do an enema before anal?

Bowel lavage is optional. Enema can be done to feel more confident, it helps to remove the remnants of the discharge, but without it, everything will go well.

Enema before anal is 200-300 ml of water, which help to rinse the small intestine a little. This is not a complicated procedure, but a quick rinse, which takes 10-15 minutes. Her goal is psychological comfort. Making a larger enema is not recommended. It can provoke the movement of feces, and then the effect will be the opposite.

A thorough washing is done before anal fisting, but this process is completely unlike the first anal sex.

Woman stockings

Do I need to shave the hairs around the anus?

Hair grows around anus. But during anal sex they do not interfere. No need to remove them specifically before the first anal. To do a haircut, hair removal or not is a personal decision, it should be connected with your own comfort, and not with the types of sexual contact.

Is anal sex dirty?

By immersing your fingers, penis or other objects in the anus, you can get dirty. But if you use a condom, everything will not be so scary. In the process, loss of feces is unlikely. The smell may be present at the time of "taking out", but then you should just go to the shower together.

Anal sex is not a perversion, it is one of the types of intimate experiences that can give many pleasant moments. And if such contact is acceptable for both partners, then it is worth trying it.

Accessories for anal sex

To have anal sex, additional things will be required. They will make the contact pleasant and safe, help you relax, have fun. Without them, you should not start practicing.

  • Lubricant. Special lubrication is necessary, it improves gliding, protects delicate skin from cracks. There are hundreds of different lubricants for anal, you can choose any. Silicone-based options can be used even under water.
  • Condoms. They not only protect against diseases, but also serve for hygienic purposes. The penis does not come into contact with the contents of the intestine, it protects against inflammation of the urethra. Condoms for anal are thicker than for vaginal sex, since the friction force is greater, but the sensations are not reduced.
  • Anal sex toys. An attribute that helps prepare for penetration makes the experience more enjoyable. They are not a required accessory, but with them anal is always more interesting.

All items should be kept at hand so as not to be distracted by their search.


Nipple flower rosePoses for the first anal sex

Is it possible to practice anal sex in any position? Yes you can. But this is not always convenient. We will talk about the most suitable positions for the first anal sex.

  • Knee-elbow. The host partner kneels and rests on the elbows. The active partner is attached behind. Leaning slightly, you can change the angle of entry. Deflection in the back of a passive participant will not be superfluous. To make everything more comfortable, a pillow is placed under the knees.
  • Missionary with a pillow. When the host is on his back, access to his priest is not very convenient. But under the buttocks you can put a pillow, and then the position changes. The advantage of this placement is the ability to observe each other's facial expressions, the ability to control the situation. And even raising your legs, it will turn out to change the angle of entry.
  • On the side. The classic pose of the “spoon” is also suitable for anal sex. The active partner settles in behind, smoothly enters the anus. The range of motion is small, the likelihood of injury is minimal.

You can have anal sex while sitting, lying, standing. You can practice on the floor, on the bed, on a chair, on the windowsill. There are hundreds of comfortable poses, and it is easy to experiment with them.

The main thing during penetration is the angle of entry. It is easy to adjust by placing pillows under the body. Changing it will turn out to experience more pleasant sensations. For example, stimulation of the K point in a girl can cause anal orgasm. Men will like the effect on the prostate.

How to have anal sex for the first time. Step-by-step instruction

There are simple rules - how to properly engage in anal sex for the first time. Following these tips will protect you from injury and help you enjoy yourself.

  • 1. Anal games begin with stimulation of the anus from the outside . The partner should relax and be aroused. Prelude allows you to reduce fear, relieve stress. Sometimes it is appropriate to start an experiment with erotic massage in order to switch attention from the outside world to internal sensations.
  • 2. The lubricant is applied to the anus and hands or a sex toy. Lubrication should be sufficient so as not to injure the skin. Sometimes in the process it needs to be added. Water-based formulations can evaporate, so the supplement can be useful.
  • 3. The first stage of immersion is the introduction of one finger. In circular screwing movements smoothly immerse one phalanx of the finger. Then comes a stop so that addiction occurs, and then further movement inward. There are two sphincters to go . And you can move the rivers back and forth, waiting for an easy passage.
  • 4. When the finger slides easily, there is no muscle spasm, you can add a second finger. And again, smoothly insert and remove. Sharp movements are prohibited.
  • 5. The number of fingers should be increased to 3-4. It depends on the diameter of the penis, which is planned to be immersed in the hole in the future. The larger the size, the wider the hole needs to be developed.
  • 6. When the fingers pass easily, one can begin to penetrate the penis. At this point, 100% need to add grease. You can change the position to a more suitable one, so that both are comfortable.
  • 7. The penis gently begins to sink into the hole. It is important to immediately pass both sphincters, immerse the head. All this is smooth, but rather persistent. And when the entrance occurred, you need to stop again. Fingers and penis are different objects , so again there is a moment of getting used to.
  • 8. Then you can begin to make translational movements with a small amplitude. First, smoothly, then a little faster, holding the rhythm. It is not recommended to remove it completely at the beginning, as involuntary compression of the anus can occur, and you will have to stretch the hole again before entering.
  • 9. Active movements are permissible at the last stage, if the receiving party likes it. You can move to the finals of one of the parties. Then you need to remove the member from the body, but not jerkily, but smoothly and accurately.

    How to have anal sex. Simple safety rules

    The sequence of actions is clear. But what if something goes wrong? There are simple rules that are important to follow.
    • If the host partner is in pain, you need to stop. Sometimes it is a physical sensation, and sometimes fear. In any case, a pause is needed. It is not necessary to go out, you can freeze, start to caress other areas. If the spasm has passed - continue, if not - end the process.
    • If the member does not fit, then the hole is not prepared. For example, you did everything right with your fingers, but while putting on a condom, applying grease, the sphincters compressed. This happens often, and you need to work with your hands again to reopen the anus. It will take less time, but everyone will be pleased.
    • If blood appears, you need to stop. This is possible if a crack has formed. In this case, you need to carefully remove everything, go to the shower. Continue prohibited. A small wound will heal itself, a large crack needs to be treated by a proctologist.
    • You cannot enter without lubrication and preparation. It is unacceptable to mix holes during sex. This is fraught with injuries and severe pain. And it is important to discuss the possibility of anal sex with a partner in advance.
    • After anal sex you need to go to the shower. Do not go to bed without visiting the bathroom.

    Compliance with the rules will allow you to have anal sex without serious consequences.


    Woman breasts

    What are the sensations of anal sex?

    The anus is a very sensitive part of the body, it has thousands of nerve endings. And stimulation can give a lot of pleasant experiences. If you manage to relax and get rid of fear, it turns out to open a new world of sensations during anal contact.

    Anus stimulation is exciting. Weasels outside, then stretching and rhythmic frictions - this gives a new sensation. If everything happens slowly, the sensations are only positive. But at the first experiments there is also discomfort.

    During your first anal sex you may think that “I want to go to the toilet”. This is a reflex reaction of the body to an object in the anus. The body is just unaccustomed to sensations, it is trying to get rid of extraneous things. It is important to understand - bowel movement will not happen, no need to be afraid. And it is worthwhile to understand that after 5-10 experiments of penetration in the ass, this feeling will completely go away. This is a temporary phenomenon that will disappear.

    Anal orgasm can happen to anyone. But it will take time to achieve it. You need to learn how to relax, stop paying attention to fears, and find the right points for stimulation. Over time, these tasks are solved. But if you want an orgasm right away, call it stimulation of other zones. For example, a girl can caress the clitoris at the same time as anal sex, and get the clitoral orgasm, it is no worse than anal.

    Why does pain occur during anal sex?

    Pain during anal sex is a sign of error. It should not be in the process at all. What actions cause discomfort?

    • Not enough lubricant. Grease needs to be added.
    • The entrance is not prepared , the sphincters are not stretched to the desired size. And you need to devote more time to preparation. The host simply did not relax, and large objects were already being introduced into it.
    • Too sharp movements. You need to move smoothly and slowly, watching the sensations of the receiver.
    • Injuries. If cracks or tears form during entry, the process will be very painful.

    If pain occurs, stop immediately. If it passes, correct the error and continue. If the pain continues after stopping, it is necessary to stop any actions and transfer the experiments to the next time.

    How to improve the feeling of anal sex

    Everyone can get more pleasant emotions from anal. There are many ways to do this.

    Activation of nerve endings

    Anus can be called a "sleeping" area on the body. People rarely touch this area, and not often stimulate it to arouse. But if you start doing this every day the region will give more pleasant experiences. That is why it is worth starting to engage in anal masturbation. You can caress the delicate skin around the entrance, you can immerse mini volumes or use full-fledged stimulants.

    To activate most sensitive areas, it is interesting to use remote control vibrating sex toys. They plunge into the body without interfering with movements. And at any moment the owner turns on the vibration. The devices work silently around no one will know about the presence of cork. Management happens from the remote control or the smartphone. Excite not only fluctuations, but also the ability to have fun even in a crowded place.

    Anesthetic Lubricants

    Anesthetizing lubricants are not recommended for beginners, so that you can control the process without fear of injury. But experienced users already know how to handle the butt, so they will like the grease that removes stress. It allows you to relax faster, get more pleasant emotions.

    Anesthetics are available in the form of creams, gels, or sprays. It is necessary to apply 10-15 minutes before penetration, so that the components begin to act.

    Exciting lubricants for anal sex

    Special greases with effects also make any caresses more intense and attractive. Exciting creams cause a rush of blood to the intimate area, as a result, the usual movements seem different, they are more interesting. The composition can be applied to the anus, vulva, head of the penis. Suitable for any sexual experience.

    Heating and cooling lubricants

    A lubricant can give temperature experiences. A light chill or pleasant warmth complement anal caresses. Lubrication is applied to the anus and the skin around, and not only improves gliding, but also changes the impression of all manipulations. Use of such means is acceptable for vaginal sex.

    Does anal sex harm health?

    Scientists have not come to a consensus - can you often have anal sex or not. But every year there are more practitioners, and interest in such contact is growing. If everything is done correctly, avoiding injuries, then the process will not bring much harm. But it is important to always remember that there is some danger, and the consequences can be negative.

    • Cracks and tears. Occur if actions were spontaneous, lacked lubrication and the passage was not designed. For cracks, you need to buy a cream in a pharmacy; for breaks, contact a proctologist. And if there is pain in the anus after sex, you can not repeat the procedure until complete healing.
    • Violation of microflora. If after the anal insertion of the penis into the vagina, dysbiosis and inflammation are possible. The intestinal contents should never enter the vagina. To switch to vaginal sex, rinse off all secretions.
    • Psychological trauma. Associated with submission and aggression. If the partner is against, do not force him. Blackmail, persuasion and other manipulations will not help him tune in, but will only become a reason for hatred for such a contact. Trust and mutual desire of such caresses is important so that everything goes well.

    It is not necessary to believe the myths that after anal sex incontinence or uncontrolled gas evolution will occur. These are tales that have nothing to do with reality.

    Sex toys for anal sex

    Intimate products help prepare for anal sex. They expand the passage without pain, allow you to get used to the sensation of an object in the priest, eliminate fear and fears from such contact. You can use different products, but for beginners the following items from a sex shop will be useful:

    • Butt plugs. Thin-shaped cone-shaped devices. With the introduction of the anus gently stretched. Diameter from 1 cm, you can choose a comfortable size. When the cork is in the ass, vaginal sex seems more interesting, since the vagina contracts, more intense stimulation of both partners occurs.
    • Anal stimulants. Designed for translational movements in the anus. They have a special limiter so as not to get lost inside the body. The special surface relief enhances the massage effect.
    • Anal chains and Christmas trees. The introduction can be turned into a game, which is exciting for any couple. At the moment of maximum excitement, it is worth starting to pull out the device, this will strengthen the orgasm many times over.



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