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How do lesbians have sex? Favorite poses and myths

How do lesbians have sex? Favorite poses and myths

Many men and women are concerned about the question: how does lesbian sex happen. And although you can find a lot of porn films and erotic videos on the subject on the net, in life, of course, everything is different. And there are too many myths and secrets around such relationships. So today we’ll talk about how lesbian sex actually happens, what toys and poses women love, how this type of relationship differs from traditional sexual intercourse.

How lesbian sex differs from traditional

In lesbian couples, as in traditional male-female couples, there are relationships lasting for months and years, as well as one-time contacts.

Relations between same-sex partners also begin with flirting, courtship, flirting, and sex with a foreplay.

There are practically no differences in this. But here in the contacts themselves, in comparison with traditional sex, there are nuances:

  • Women understand each other better. This is due to a similar anatomical structure, and the characteristics of the psyche. That is why the prelude for lesbian couples often lasts much longer than for traditional ones, the actions of partners do not end after reaching an orgasm. And proximity itself is not limited to penetration (it may not contain it at all).
  • Maximum frankness. In lesbian couples, most of the partners are frank with each other. They are not afraid to talk about their feelings, ask them to do something in a special way, to show what exactly they like. Women with each other are often very liberated. Some lesbians say they understand a partner without words. Of course, there is such an understanding and feeling of the partner in traditional pairs, but much less often.
  • Great duration of sex. Traditional sex between men and women can last from a few minutes to an hour or more. But usually its duration is 10-30 minutes. In lesbian sex, it's a little different. It lasts longer due to a long foreplay and the ability to get many orgasms.
  • Compensation for the absence of a member. Women get an orgasm not only with the help of a member, but with different types of caresses, including oral ones. Some couples do without toys, but for the most part, lesbians love games with high-quality dildos, vibrators and other devices.
  • There is no risk of becoming pregnant from a partner. This is a very important point, as many women in traditional relationships cannot relax and enjoy only because of the fear of an unwanted pregnancy. Of course, there are many methods of contraception, but they do not always remove fear. Moreover, the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases is about the same in lesbian couples as in traditional ones.
  • Diversity and creativity. There are much more creative ideas in sex between girls than in traditional. Same-sex couples allow themselves to know themselves and their partners, go beyond stereotypes and enjoy what they really like.

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Also, some polls on social networks suggest that women are less likely to imitate orgasm in lesbian couples, as this is not necessary. 

The partners understand each other, are frank, and therefore they do not pretend to be the peak of pleasure. At the same time, oral caress and stimulation of the clitoris, as well as other especially sensitive points on the body, are the main attribute of same-sex contact. 

So, a woman has a better chance of experiencing an orgasm than in traditional sex, if the man does not pay special attention to this moment.

Lesbian sex without toys

There is a myth about lesbian couples that without a dildo and other devices to give pleasure to a partner does not work. But this is not so. 

There are several options to enjoy intimacy, get vivid orgasms, and enjoy every cell of your body:

  • Fondling fingers. It can be mutual masturbation or affection of only one partner. Skillful finger movements can significantly expand knowledge about your body and its capabilities. And the intimacy from such caresses will be painted with vivid sensations from an orgasm.
  • Friction of the genitals on the genitals of a partner or any other parts of her body. Such caresses can be a great prelude, warm up desire and arouse, but they can also be full of intimacy with many orgasms of both partners.
  • Weasels partners with parallel masturbation. This option is also popular in traditional pairs, for example, when you want proximity, but there is no condom at hand.
  • Oral sex. Cunnilingus is able to give a lot of pleasant moments, and is performed in a variety of positions.
  • Fisting. This is a separate kind of affection, which is not suitable for everyone. In lesbian couples, both vaginal fisting and anal fisting are used.

In addition, some lesbian couples like rimming (anilingus) and other oral caresses. It is also a pleasure for lovers.

 The area near the anus is very sensitive to touch, and caressing the tongue of the genitals and skin near the anus can bring unforgettable bright pleasant sensations and end with a stormy orgasm.

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Lesbian sex with toys

Of course, sex with toys is one of the important types of intimacy in lesbian couples. But not necessarily at the same time they will use only strapon. 

As the statistics and surveys show, lesbian love a variety of toys:

  • Dildos and strapons . Both models with a realistic design and with an original one, not at all like a real male member, are popular. It is worth mentioning the toys that have a double end, they can be used simultaneously, although this is not too convenient.
  • Vibrators. A variety of models are used, from vibro-eggs and vibro bullets to realistic and giant toys. As in traditional couples, it all depends on the personal preferences of the partners.
  • Anal toys. With and without vibration, small and large - all this is very popular with lesbians. Moreover, they can be used to enhance sensations during, for example, friction against the partner’s body, and when playing with other devices. Some women love the feeling of fullness and get orgasms from simulating double penetration.
  • Eye masks, nipple clamps and other BDSM-themed toys. Fans of role-playing games and BDSM are both in traditional couples and in lesbian ones.

Separately, it is worth noting toys with remote control, which are gaining popularity today. And although their cost is higher than that of ordinary ones, their functionality is much more interesting. 

They allow you to engage in virtual sex or caress each other at a distance: in a public place or when one of the partners is far away.

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Favorite Lesbian Poses

In fact, there are many poses for lesbian sex. And here are just the most popular of them:

  • Spoons. Both partners are lying on their sides, one of them hugs the other. The position provides access to the whole body, allows you to see and touch everything, does not restrict movement. Suitable for using strapon and other toys.
  • Scissors. The girl sits on the ass, bending one leg and stretching the other. At the same time, her partner is facing her in the same position. Both rest for balance on their hands. In this position, it is great to have sex with a double dildo. It is also suitable for caresses without toys - clits touch each other, giving both vivid sensations at the slightest movement.
  • 69. A traditional pose where both partners can caress each other's genitals.
  • Lying on my stomach. One of the girls lies on her stomach, completely relaxing and spreading her legs to the sides. The other is kneeling above her and caressing her genitals. Moreover, one finger can be immersed in the anus, and the rest to caress the clitoris and labia.
  • Missionary position. She looks like in traditional sex - one partner is lying on her back, spreading her bent legs, and the other is on her knees and caresses the other. It is realized with a strap-on or dildo, sometimes vibrators are used.

Myths about lesbian sex

Due to the huge number of porn videos on the Internet, as well as the interest of men and women in lesbian sex, this type of relationship has gained numerous myths. 

And here are just a few of the most common ones:

  • Lesbians always play a role. It is generally accepted that in a same-sex couple there is always a girl more similar to a man and the one who plays the role of a woman. But this is not so. Rather, there is such a phenomenon in some couples, but most often women do not choose a specific role for themselves, but rather enjoy how relationships develop and what emotions they experience. They can change positions, adapt to each other.
  • Lesbians look different. Some people imagine lesbians as short-haired girls with tattoos and piercings in various places. But women with this orientation often look normal.
  • In sex, the main thing is penetration and frictions, which means that lesbian sex is always accompanied by the use of phalluses and strap-ons. Of course, such toys are used. And both in same-sex and in traditional couples. But still they do not play a dominant role. Sometimes lesbian sex takes place without using anything that makes up for the lack of a penis, and girls get pleasure from oral caresses, touching, proximity of bodies, emotional experiences.
  • They became lesbians because in the life of a woman there was no suitable man who would satisfy her. In the 21st century, this statement is somewhat similar to the myth “the earth is flat,” and therefore we will not explain its absurdity for a long time. Lesbian has such a preference for sex due to the fact that this is facilitated by her mental, genetic, physical and other individual characteristics.
  • Being a lesbian is immoral; it is not in nature. In fact, many different cases of homosexual contact in nature among animals have been recorded. And therefore to say that same-sex love does not meet the norm is somehow strange.
  • If there is no risk of becoming pregnant, then there is no need to protect yourself. But it is necessary to be protected during any sexual contact, even with a woman, even with a man. You also need to be especially careful when using toys: they must be properly cleaned and stored. It is important to remember that any sex toy is an object intended for individual use. And if there is a need to please a partner with a device that they purchased for themselves, latex wipes or condoms are used.


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