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How do women masturbate? 16 popular ways

How do women masturbate? 16 popular ways

Masturbation is a process of knowing your body, a way to relieve tension and have fun. Many women do this, but each has found a method that she likes more than others. 

There are several ways to stimulate, they are different, and requires various accessories.

The best way to masturbate

One cannot name one best stimulation method for a woman. Each has its own body structure, its own sensitivity, so everything is very individual .

If you are looking for a new sensation, try all the methods described below. 

And then their alternation and combination are still possible, which also gives pleasant emotions.

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Clit Massage

More than 70% of women experience an orgasm from clitoral stimulation. 

This organ is the most sensitive part in a woman’s body. 

And it is his weasels that are most often used in masturbation. You can do this in different ways, the most popular ways we have put together in separate groups.

1. Stimulation of the clitoris with hands

With fingers, the clitoris is rubbed, stretched, pressed on it. This is the first method of exposure that a girl masters. It does not require additional devices , but the process of achieving an orgasm can be lengthy.

The impact sometimes occurs on the entire head, but more often on one side, which is more sensitive to touch. 

The intensity of the stimulation is different, more often from gentle and unhurried actions, they move to faster and more tangible ones.

How to improve? The process becomes more interesting if you add lubricant. It is better to not use saliva, as many do, but a special lubricant . It improves gliding, allows you to realize more different movements.

2. Caressing the clitoris with a spray of water

Using a shower or a jet from a tap is also possible in masturbation. Most often, a woman takes off a shower watering can, she easily unscrews, and then directs the flow to the clitoris. It’s easy to change the pressure, which is very important.

Exposure to water is not harmful , this method can be used. It is not the most convenient , it is difficult to compare it with sex toys, it gives less impression, but it is available.

How to improve the masturbation process? Play not only with pressure, but also with temperature. A change of 1-2 degrees gives a different effect. It is important not to freeze or overheat water, but to experiment in the “warm-cool” range.

Woman shower

3. Masturbation by vibrator

A very effective method that causes violent orgasms . The vibrator touches the clitoris, and this causes maximum excitement. By varying the oscillation speed, you can approximate the final moment. And you can lightly touch, rub the clitoris, push, lean and clean the toy. Technician using hundreds. Sometimes they even sit on the vibrator from above, and this also gives an effect.

Use is worth clitoral vibrators , specially designed for such caresses. But any model is suitable , the main thing is that there are fluctuations. And the more modes and speeds, the more interesting the application.

How to improve the process? Use models with legs or processes. These protrusions seem to cling to the clitoris, give three-dimensional sensations.

4. Masturbation by a wave stimulator

Vacuum, wave or non-contact stimulator - these are all the names of the models that massage the clitoris with air. This is a special type of impact that almost always brings a woman to orgasm. It is completely safe, not addictive, while activating nerve endings not only in the clitoris head, but also inside the body. It is difficult to achieve this effect in other ways.

With the advent of such sex toys, women's lives have changed. Orgasm began to reach even those who did not know what it was before. Pleasure has become many times more. That is why such wave models are sold in million copies. And today they are affordable for everyone.

How to improve the sensations:It is worth trying not only ordinary, but also premium models. Their modes are special, more thoughtful. And there are many other pleasant moments: from amazing design to the most powerful motors and capacious batteries.

5. Weasel petals imitating a tongue

Vibrators with petals even visually look very interesting. They are designed to imitate oral caresses with lips and tongue , but often give much more pleasure. They never get tired, the girl herself directs the toy, so touches occur in the desired area.

Many models are waterproof, they can be experimented with even in the bathroom. In this case, the caress of the clitoris in the water is felt differently than in the air.

How to improve: the shape of the petals and their movements differ in different models. And only by comparing, you can find the perfect option. It is worth buying several sex toys with petals to alternate sensations.

Vaginal effect during masturbation

Vaginal penetration is common for a woman, but it is not used for masturbation by everyone. The translational movements are exciting, and they can be implemented in several ways. In this case, the effect occurs on different parts of the vagina. Each lady has her own points responsible for bliss, and it is they who she tries to activate during masturbation.

6. Weasel entry into the vagina

Immersion in the bosom occurs only 2-4 cm, and it is not the length of the toy that is important, but its diameter. It is the introduction and extraction that causes the maximum delight. It’s easy to implement with phallic vibrators, dildos . The speed of movement in this case can vary greatly. And there is absolutely no purpose to "shove" deep .

Inward and outward movements are the most popular. But sometimes there is pressure on the front or back wall of the vagina. This is a bit like stretching, expanding the entrance. Although, of course, an increase in clearance does not occur.

How to improve? Add not only translational motion, but also vibration. These two different actions will allow you to quickly cause the desired effect.

7. Impact on G-Spot

The existence of the G-Spot is not proven, but the front wall of the vagina is often stimulated by women to get an orgasm. Namely, in this area this spot is located. To do this, use bent vibrators , they help to reach the desired area. In this case, two movements are most often used - pressure on the wall or its rubbing.

It is believed that the internal points of a woman need to be "woken up" , they may not be activated. But if you regularly act on the front wall, it will begin to lead to very bright orgasms. Inkjet and multiple pleasures are possible when activated, so you need to work on this.

How to improve G-spot stimulation? Use not only vibrating sex toys. Ideal pulsatorsrotators and even electrostimulators . These are sources of unusual sensations that help you reach orgasm faster.

Woman fire

8. Stimulation of the cervix

Deep penetration excites women. And when a sex toy rests on the cervix, presses on it, this can give a strong response in the body. In such an impact , the length of the input device is very important . And the more it is, the more interesting the game.

Powerful movements inside for some people are relevant throughout the entire period of masturbation, and for others only at the end, when several moments remain before orgasm.

How to improve masturbation? It is worth trying different poses. Sometimes it’s ideal not to inject something into the body, but to sit on top. This is easily realized with suction cup dildos . They are mounted on any flat surface, and it is possible to use them without the help of hands.

Anal stimulation during masturbation

A woman enjoys the caresses of different zones, often anal stimulation helps to reach orgasm. In the area of ​​the anus there are a lot of nerve endings, they do not need to be ignored in sex. Proper inclusion of them in a sexual game expands feelings, introduces completely new emotions. But you can caress this zone in different ways.

9. External massage of the anus

The anus and perineum are very sensitive and can be ironed outside . Touching with fingers, light massage, tickling give excitement. The entire space between the buttocks is ideal for impact. And the more often you play with this place, the more interesting it will become.

How to improve stimulation? Try the vibration. Touch a toy, changing speeds and modes. Apply the technique as with the clitoris, look for the necessary points and methods of influence.

10. Extension of the anus during masturbation

Women do not have a prostate, they do not always like the massage inside, then the process of stretching the sphincters can be pleasant. The gradual introduction of fingers or plugs is exciting. This is interesting when it happens slowly and with good lubrication. It is important not to enter deeply, namely the game with an entrance and a shallow dive. At first, the entrance relaxes, but if you strain a little, the hole narrows and you can start all over again.

Anal fisting is a variation of such a game, but with large objects. Most often, these are still not giant sex toys, but 1-2 fingers and movements with their help.

How to enhance the sensation of anus expansion? Use coolant or warming grease for anal sex. This will add experience, everything will seem more intense and exciting.

11. Translational movements with anal

Movement in and out or penetration is an imitation of the usual sexual intercourse , it is also common during masturbation. The process uses dildos and vibrators. But for anal sex, special toys with a limiter are needed so that the device does not get stuck in the body. Expansion at the base prevents entry too deep.

The movements in the anus area are not very impressive for all women, but to find out your attitude to such caresses, they are worth a try. And even if a man did not like such an experience, alone he can be very impressive.

How to improve anal stimulation? It is worth choosing a different diameter of the input item. At the initial stages, a thin phallus will fit perfectly, there will be no pain with it. But just getting used to it is worth taking a diameter of more than 3 cm.

12. Vibration in the anus

Modern sex toys can give a special feeling. They are similar to rimming, but still different. When moving elements are located in the leg of a sex toy, this is very interesting. Vibration or movement in the area of ​​the sphincters can give hundreds of great minutes . But this can only be realized with vibrating butt plugs.

Vibration in the anus can be felt not only at home. With some sex toys it is appropriate to go for a walk. These are models with a remote control and a quiet motor. Their shape does not interfere with active movements, and vibrations do not attract attention.

How to improve the sensation? Perfect sex toys with beads in the leg or with control from a smartphone. The former give an unprecedented thrill, the latter allow you to transfer control to a partner even from a distance.

13. Orgasm from breast caresses

The rarest type of orgasm is from exposure to the chest. But he has a place to be. Although more often breast caresses are combined with caresses and other areas. To realize this, use nipple clamps . They compress the delicate area in a vise, the compression force is easy to control.

How to enhance sensations? Exciting creams are also used for breasts. They contribute to a rush of blood to any place of application. And they also produce vacuum pumps for nipples, they also increase the sensitivity of this area.

Mixed masturbation techniques

Most women in the process of masturbation uses not one method of exposure to erogenous zones, but several. Stimulation of two areas at once causes multidimensional sensations, it brings orgasm closer faster. And all these are also masturbation methods, but more complex, requiring coordination.

14. Masturbation of two areas: clitoris and vagina

A very popular massage technique involves the clitoris and vagina. A woman is pleased to feel full when something is injected into her bosom. But this is not enough for orgasm, so the clitoris massage is connected. Sometimes an object in a vagina is simply left without movements, sometimes it is actively moved.

It is difficult to simultaneously direct hands or toys in different directions, so a sex toy was created for this - a rabbit vibrator . This stimulator is equipped with two processes - one for the vagina, the second for the clitoris. And they have vibration built in. With one handle you can direct the device, acting immediately in different directions. Rabbits are one of the most popular female products in a sex shop.

How to improve the sensation?Ideally pick up a rabbit that fits the anatomy. For this it is important to choose a flexible model so that it adapts to the shape of the body. And the clitoral process can be made in the form of a wave stimulator, which is very unusual, but interesting.

15. Masturbation of the clitoris and anus

A woman can act on the clitoris and anus at the same time. This is also a fascinating option for the experiment. Most often, it starts with anal caresses, and then the clitoral effect is already connected. And here you can not do without additional devices, it is very difficult to implement it simultaneously with hands.

The perfect combination of toys: anal stimulator and clitoral. For example, butt plug in the priest, and on the clitoris a mini vibrator.

How to improve? Why not connect 3 zones? Vibrator rabbit for the clitoris and vagina and butt plug for the anus.

16. Double penetration

Simultaneous immersion in the anus and vagina is easy with double dildos. They allow you to experience maximum fullness and synchronous movements in both holes. This is an opportunity to realize unusual fantasies and have fun. Such masturbation is suitable for women who love objects inside.

How to improve? A double phallus on a suction cup can be used without the help of hands. And free palms can massage the clitoris, which will give even more sensations.

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