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How often can I have anal sex? Tips and advice.

How often can I have anal sex? Tips and advice.

Sexual life of modern people is bright and diverse. Times of boring sex under the covers have long sunk into oblivion. 

Along with the traditional, couples willingly practice oral and anal sex. But is anal not harmful to health? 

How often can you practice anal sex so that there are no unpleasant consequences?

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If the fair sex representatives of the fair sex are favorable, then the penetration from behind is alarming. 

In many ways, this is due to the fact that the girls are not sufficiently knowledgeable in this matter. And it’s important to figure out whether experiments are dangerous to your health.

The main desire

In most cases, the initiator of anal sex is a man. It is important to remember that for any intercourse mutual desire is necessary. 

Therefore, if a girl is not mentally ready to penetrate from behind, then she should not do this only for the sake of her partner. No need to turn sexual intercourse into a sacrifice.

If this type of sex does not bother, then you can do it when you want it. Only without fanaticism! 

Too frequent anal intercourse can lead to disruption of the sphincter. And this, in turn, threatens fecal incontinence. It is optimal to experiment 1-2 times a week, but with the right preparation and no injuries.


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Rules for Safe Anal Sex

This is not to say that this type of sexual intercourse is completely safe. But with a few simple rules, negative consequences can be avoided:
  • Anal sex is contraindicated in cases of rectal diseases such as hemorrhoids, fissures, and tumors. If cracks appeared in the rectum after intercourse, they must be completely cured.
  • Condom use is not superfluous. Infection with sexually transmitted diseases during anal sex occurs much more often than with traditional. Due to the fact that the anus is very narrow, during the hollow act in the rectum minor damage to the mucous membrane through which infection can occur. A hygienic bowel cleansing procedure is necessary to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • It is important to use a lubricant that will prevent injuries and make gliding smooth.

What lubricant to buy for anal sex? 

There are water and silicone based compounds. And also options with a pleasant aroma, with an anesthetic effect, warming and cooling.

 We have made a list of the best compounds that will make the anal more pleasant:

The pleasure of anal sex

Many women refuse anal sex, believing that they will not experience the desired pleasure. 

After listening to stories about the unsuccessful experience of friends, they pre-configure themselves to be painful and unpleasant. 

All fears must be let go. And if you decide to try this kind of intimacy, then you should definitely enjoy it.

Before proceeding, it is recommended to take care of sufficient relaxation of the sphincter. Foreplay will be very welcome. 

You can also resort to massage the anus and masturbation of the clitoris. Extension can be done with fingers or anal cork. A special form of the stimulator will gradually expand the hole, make it painless.

A man should fully control the process and listen to the feelings of a woman. Couples practicing spicy intercourse need to use special lubricants to improve gliding. 

Thanks to sufficient moistening of the anus, pain can be avoided not only by the receiving side. Men also often experience discomfort due to the strong tension of the frenum of the penis.

Sensations from anal sex are significantly different from the traditional version. In the anus there are a lot of erogenous points. Through the thin wall of the rectum, the vagina is stimulated by the penis.

These physiological characteristics explain why a woman gets an orgasm with such actions.

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How much anal will not be amiss?

Sex, in all its manifestations, is good for health. 

The frequency of non-standard sexual acts depends on how comfortable the woman feels during and after sex. If this type of carnal joy brings exclusively positive emotions, do not deny yourself.

It is also recommended to try games with a strap-on, so that a man can feel the reality of penetration. 

After such an experiment, he will be much more touching for the approach to preparing  anal sex and the process of recovery after it.


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