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How to have multiple orgasms? Step-by-step instructions for women

How to have multiple orgasms? Step-by-step instructions for women

You can get a multiple orgasm by stimulating two erogenous zones of a woman. The correct alternation of movements will help prolong the sensations after the first peak. And she will be able to get 2, 3 or even 10 orgasms in a row. 

The instruction for achieving is simple, you can implement it in pairs or during masturbation. And once learned, it will be much easier to repeat again.

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What is multi-orgasm?

Multiple or multi - orgasm is a series of orgasms occurring one after another without long breaks. Only women can experience such sensations.

In the process, 2 to 10 peaks of pleasure occur. Sometimes each subsequent one is weaker than the first, sometimes sensations intensify with each subsequent orgasm.

During the sexual act, the excitement after the first discharge does not completely subside, it decreases, but does not disappear, and if we continue to caress, sensations will intensify again and another discharge will occur. In this process, there is no period of insensitivity (refractory), when the touch seems unpleasant.

In men, there is always a period of insensitivity, it lasts from several minutes to several hours, and a second finale is impossible at this time.

For women, it is not necessary, which is why only ladies are prone to multi-orgasms. But sexologists say that only 15% of women experience such sensations. But everyone is able to learn how to get a multiple orgasm.

How does a multiple orgasm occur?

The mechanism for obtaining multi-orgasm is simple: before the first peak, it is necessary to stimulate 2 different erogenous zones. 

And when the first orgasm occurs, stop the caresses of one area, but continue the stimulation of the second. This will keep the excitement, and after 30-90 seconds it is worth returning to a double effect, so that the girl experienced the second peak of pleasure.

The whole difficulty of getting multiple orgasms is to find these two zones of influence . And they are individual for each woman.

But the process of finding the perfect combination is pleasant, so you should do it.

What zones can be combined? Clitoris and G-spot, anus and vaginal opening, nipples and vaginal stimulation, head and cervical massage. Any sensitive places can be a source of vivid experiences. 

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How to get multiple orgasm. Step-by-step instruction

The path to multiple orgasm is the study of the female body, its reactions to various stimulants. 

It is much simpler if a woman herself seeks to know her sensuality, to strengthen it. And the correct effects during masturbation or sexual intercourse will cause the necessary effect. So what needs to be done?

  • Allow foreplay time. Complete “disconnection” from the outside world helps to immerse yourself in sensations. Thoughts about work, children, money should not distract. And therefore, it is necessary to create an environment where everything fades into the background. Flirting, having fun, hugs and kisses should precede sex, be its beginning.
  • Find the most sensual points. Usually, this is one area that causes orgasms. It is her stimulation that in most cases gives maximum pleasure. This is Zone 1. The second point, which also excites, but is only an addition to the first, is “zone 2”. If you stimulate them at the same time, the usual orgasm will happen quickly and will be intense. Zone 2 may change or there may be several, and it will not always be possible to find it on the first try.
  • The order of movements. To get multiple orgasms, you need to work on both areas - zone 1 and zone 2. But when the first finish happens, you need to stop caressing zone 1, but continue to massage zone 2. This will not allow the excitement to disappear, it will decrease, but not completely, the phase of “insensitivity” "Will not come. And after 30-120 seconds, you should again return to zone 1 and again act in two directions.
  • Repeat manipulations. After each peak, it is worth stopping movement at one point, but moving at another. In this case, sometimes you need to slow down in zone 2 or accelerate, the lady should tell, focusing on her experiences. And such actions can be done after each orgasm to trigger the next. Their number can reach 10 in a row. The time between them sometimes lengthens, each subsequent one takes more minutes, and sometimes decreases, it is individual.

The difficulty is finding zone 2. You need to try with the nipples, anus, G-Spot or K-Spot. Even the dimple between the shoulder blades may turn out to be this place. And it’s important to understand how to caress: stroking, spanking, kissing, vibrating, pressing, etc.

How to experience multiple orgasm from masturbation

Learning to get a multiple orgasm for a woman is easiest when alone. 

Examining your own body and reactions to different stimulations will help you find the shortest path to maximum pleasure.

 There are several steps that can help you find the right combination of actions.

  • Identify the source of maximum arousal. This is the area that you most often use for masturbation. More than 60% of girls believe that this is the clitoris, but it is important to determine not the average, but their own. This will be the first area that requires massage to get the result. Let's call it "Zone 1".
  • Discover the second zone. It will take time to personally determine the second reaction area. It accelerates the onset of orgasm, if used in combination with zone 1. Sometimes there are 2-3 or more such parts of the body. You need to know them, then to tell your partner about them. Let's call this area “Zone 2”.
  • Search for stops. When zones are defined, you need to learn not to turn off after the first orgasm, but to continue stimulation. After the initial peak, it is important to stop touching zone 1, but continue to massage zone 2. Here it is important to overcome the desire to relax and not pause for more than 60 seconds so as not to lose the moment.
  • The path to the second orgasm. Zone 1 after enjoyment becomes very sensitive, caresses seem too strong, therefore, a pause is made. But after 30-90 seconds, you can touch this point again, begin further impact on both areas. And if you do not stray from the rhythm, then the second stage of pleasure will come in a few seconds.

The secret of multiple orgasm in the absence of stopping.

If there are no pauses, then there is no decrease in excitation. 

The algorithm described above can work with different parts of the body. First you can find one way, and then discover many ways to get multi-orgasm. Understanding the principle of action, you will be able to use it regularly.



Sex toys for multiple orgasm

To stimulate erogenous zones it is worth using high-quality sex toys.

Each person needs their own set of accessories. But there are things that are most often used to obtain multiple orgasms:

  • Massagers for sex. Such a device can stimulate any external erogenous zone. Pleasant vibrations will help to relax, tune in an erotic mood. And the effect will be vivid and memorable from both restoring and erotic effects. There are models that work from the network, they do not require recharging, can work for hours, others are recharged. Massagers look harmless, do not attract the attention of children or parents, therefore they are very useful in any home.
  • Clitoral stimulantsWave stimulation guarantees orgasm, as it activates the internal sensitive areas. And it can be combined with other actions, achieving multiple orgasm. Choosing a vibrating or wave model is a difficult question, but why not choosing one that can do both? Such a sex toy is suitable for games with a partner, and for masturbation. Application will allow you to learn more about the body, its capabilities.
  • Universal vibrators. Suitable for different sensations. They can caress the anus, clitoris or nipples. The form can be different: from phallic to fantastic. The more modes and vibration speeds, the more exciting the application. You can influence the body of a woman or a man, and sometimes it is appropriate to simultaneously stimulate both participants in a sexual game.
  • Vibrators for couples. Complement the usual sex, do not interfere with penetration, but at the same time massage the woman’s point G, the clitoris and the man’s head. They act on several points at once, but this is the secret of multiple orgasm. The device does not need to be turned off after the first peak, but it is just necessary to reduce the intensity of exposure, and after 15-60 seconds, start again to build up the rhythm. It is better if there are two motors inside and they can be switched on separately, stimulating different areas.
  • Vibrators on the fingerIf multi-orgasm is achieved using hands, such a nozzle will not be superfluous. The palms may get tired, but the vibrator will continue to move, so it is recommended for a long process. Yes, and such a thing helps to activate the point G to get a squirt. Experiments with such intimate things greatly expand the range of sensations. Ideal to choose models that are not afraid of moisture.
  • Anal plugs with vibration. One of the zones of stimulation on the way to multiple orgasm can be the anus. And butt plug with vibration will help to better reveal the possibilities of nerve endings. If the anus is zone 2, then the vibrator can not be turned off at all, it will maintain excitement, and the clitoris or vagina will become zone 1. This combination very often leads to multiple orgasms, but it is important to remove the fear of anal sex in advance so that everything worked out.
  • Clips for nipples. Sensual places are concentrated not only in the perineum, nipples can also be the point responsible for orgasms. And if this is zone 2, then the clamps will be very useful. You can adjust the compression force to make it comfortable for a person. And you can use the option with vibration, which is also very interesting.
    Vibration sex toys are more suitable for multiple orgasms than products without hesitation. By adjusting the speed, you can maintain excitement without effort, and then only add a new effect. Sometimes you need 2 or 3 sex toys at the same time to get the result.

    How to get multi-orgasm with a partner

    The algorithm for achieving multiple orgasms in pairs does not differ from actions during masturbation.
    It is necessary to find 2 zones of stimulation, and after the first orgasm continue to stimulate only one of them. 
    And after a minute or two, connect the second again. But for everything to work out, the partner must understand how the woman feels. And the key to success is communication.

    The lady should tell the man what exactly she is pleased with, which stimulation causes a greater response. 
    And you need to do this in the moment, it’s the direction of the person that will allow you to get the result. 
    You can discuss everything later, it is also useful, but the conversation in the process is more important.

    And if a woman does not know her sensitive places, does not understand how to caress them, everything becomes more complicated. Therefore, masturbation is necessary for research and the search for optimal actions.

    How to increase the likelihood of multiple orgasm?

    Following the instructions for getting multiple orgasm, you can get great pleasure. 
    The process of achievement is very enjoyable, and it can be repeated again and again. 
    Paying attention is worth the action, not the result, so that there is no unnecessary stress. And in this you can help yourself or your loved one in the following ways:
    • Pelvic floor muscle training. If a woman does exercises for the vaginal muscles, her sensitivity is activated. She can better control sensations, easily brings orgasm closer or maintains the desired level of arousal. Regular training can improve health, increase libido and make intimacy more desirable. It is recommended to practice with Kegel exercise machines or vaginal balls.
    • Exciting creams. Special compounds cause a rush of blood to the erogenous zones, sensations become brighter, sex is more pleasant. Warming, cooling, stimulating lubricants are useful in any sex, this is an affordable method to improve proximity. Apply immediately before sexual contact, the action lasts 20-40 minutes, but can be applied again if the effect is over.
    • Long foreplay. A woman needs a long prelude to immerse herself in sensations. To get a multiple orgasm, you need to forget about the world. Therefore, it is important to distract, tune in. Sex begins in the head, you need a period of preparation with flirting and waiting, then a long period of mutual caresses, and only then sexual intercourse.


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