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How to know if your woman was with another man?

How to know if your woman was with another man?

Fraud or "sliding to the left" is a very vague concept nowadays: often an individual allows himself "left moves", but is very worried if the partner (partner) does the same.  

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Why do women tend to take sides? Because they have become bored. The adrenaline that was abundantly released in the brain at the beginning of the relationship, when the decision was made to marry, followed by the wedding, childbearing, began to run out and the woman subconsciously begins to look for an additional source of adrenaline outside the relationship. 
Of course, not everyone behaves only in the scenario I mentioned.

But sexually active women are more prone to side steps to, so to speak, self-entertainment.

First, let's find out who a sexually active woman is and whether everyone can be.

The more estrogen levels that Mother Nature assigns to each, the more she will be sexually active, meaning that a hormone called estradiol affects a woman's sexuality. 

The more it is, the more a woman craves for sex. This hormone also makes men look sexually active as beauties. 

The joke is that a woman's reproductive ability (fertility) in the eyes of men is also a motivation for lust: the more a woman wants more sex, which culminates in an orgasm, the greater the guarantee that she will successfully conceive and have a smooth birth.

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Researchers have found that a woman wants more sex, and this indicates a high level of hormones responsible for sexuality, because she looks more attractive or, more precisely, smells more attractive.

Estradil affects a woman's body odor. So to speak, it makes a woman smell "tastier". The men's nose, smelling this scent, sends a message to the brain: "She is beautiful!".

But going back to the topic of the article: how to determine if a woman has been with another man? By smell. If a woman smells more like her pheromones and it's not because she's been with you, it means she's been with someone else.

Of course, not every man has such a developed ability to smell these subtle nuances of aromas. 

However, the reflexes that work in a man's brain will quickly signal that the woman herself has become more coveted than she used to be. 

Here's a sign: if before that the wife no longer seemed particularly coveted and had suddenly aroused uncontrollable sexual interest, she probably got a new dose of estradiol.

Here, in each case: whether to despair that the promise of marriage has been broken, or to enjoy the awakened sexuality of a wife.

Speaking of women's passion. Not only does a woman sten, moan, bite and scratch during sex mean that she is passionate and super good. 

British researchers, interviewing women between the ages of 18 and 48, found that making noise and exposing a partner's body during sex mostly means that they simply want to speed up the process and get rid of their roommate's hugs.

80% of women moan throughout sexual intercourse, trying to speed up their partner's orgasm. 

All the interviewed women raise their self-confidence while making noise, thinking that in this way they make a man feel like a sex virtuoso.

5% of the surveyed women moan not to be bored during the same sex. Others, behind the moans, mask pain and discomfort.

And most importantly, what the researchers understood - with the help of veils, women deceive men that the real orgasm has occurred.

Because, dear men, fertile, that is, passionate, so coveted woman is the one who smells and not screams during sex. And if you yourself have gone "left", just as you can smell that she has been with another, your wife will smell it and start asking unpleasant questions.


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