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How to make a girl squirt? Do all girls squirt?

How to make a girl squirt? Do all girls squirt?

How to squirt, how to bring a girl to squirt? Massage the desired points with your hands or sex toys allows you to get the desired pleasure.

Exposure to G-Spot contributes to the manifestation of multiple orgasms and the release of fluid in the process. Simple rules help to achieve a jet orgasm in the shortest possible time.


Fountain water squirt

What is a squirt?

Squirt or jet orgasm is the pleasure of a woman in the process of which fluid is released. Splashing occurs "stream", but more often the water simply flows from the urethra. The wet orgasm feels different from the clitoral and vaginal.

A similar sensation arises as a result of stimulation of G-Spot. Most often, the orgasm is multiple, and if you do not stop the stimulation, the peaks will be repeated several times.

You can bring a girl to squirt with your hands, sex toys or your penis. But getting the first experience takes time and patience. But if the girl learned to squirt, this process will be repeated again and again.

What kind of liquid is formed during squirt?

During a jet orgasm, 10 to 70 ml of liquid is released by a stream.

The volume varies from one teaspoon to a quarter cup. This is a special secret that is collected in the glands of the Skin. 

It spills out from the urethra, like urine, but its composition is different.

Special glands are located beyond G-Spot. Their stimulation within a few minutes leads to the formation of fluid. And during a sexual peak, it spills out.

The discharge is transparent, visually similar to water.

They do not have a bright taste or smell , but it cannot be said that there is no aroma at all. It is not very noticeable, and it is the smell of the body. If it gets on sheets, this liquid leaves no residue after drying.

Squirt is different from natural lubrication. 

This is exactly the liquid. Texture grease is more dense, it is created to protect delicate stenochki. 

But if the squirt is insignificant, it happens during the first experiments, you can not notice it, it just gets more wet.


Woman water sea

What does a woman feel during a squirt?

It is believed that squirt is the most vivid orgasm . It is not always so. Sometimes, even after several experiences with the release of fluid, a feeling of dissatisfaction remains. 

In other cases, there is a pleasant emptying, a feeling of lightness in the body.

Jet orgasm is a special experience. It takes more time to achieve it. To get to experience it for the first time, you need a long prelude, a special mood. 

And it is precisely this big stage, when excitement accumulates, and then reaches maximum expression, and causes pleasant experiences. But once a squirt becomes a frequent process, and then it manifests itself much faster, sometimes it takes less time to achieve than to a vaginal orgasm.

And then the sensations are already less pronounced.

Before the squirt there may be a feeling - “I want to go to the toilet”. It is deceptive, it is impossible to describe in the process. 

And sometimes it distracts the lady, she begins to worry. It is better to ignore this sensation, it will not last long, it is important to focus on excitement, pleasant touches so that the jet orgasm happens. 

Such discomfort is manifested only at the beginning, during the first experiments, in the future it passes.

Preparing for the squirt. Useful accessories

When starting experiments with G-spot stimulations, make sure that the discharge does not wet the bed. Waterproof mattress cover, disposable diapers very help those who experience such sensations. 

Sometimes you can just put a towel under the buttocks of a woman.

For internal massage you need a lubricant. Vaginal lubrication makes the process gentle, helps to get the result faster. 

You can not replace it with saliva, it can harm health. Not suitable for baby cream or petroleum jelly, you need professional lubrication, it guarantees safety and the absence of injuries.

Squirt sex toys help you learn how to test it. G-spot vibrators are specially designed to achieve this effect.

Hands may get tired, but an intimate assistant does not require a break.

Step-by-step instructions for achieving squirt

There are a few simple conditions for getting a jet orgasm. Knowing them, you can achieve the result:

  • Complete relaxation. For the first time, a squirt only happens when a woman is not shackled. This consists of several components: complete trust in the partner, the right attitude and a long prelude. Extra thoughts, doubts can be distracting, so the girl should completely immerse herself in intimacy. This can be achieved in different ways, the approach is always individual.
  • Activation of point G. The area inside the vagina that is responsible for pleasure is not involved in normal sex. It takes time to activate it. With the help of fingers or sex toys she needs to be “woken up”, and this takes some time. With each new experience, it will give an increasing response, although at first it may seem that the effect is minimal. And to include the zone you need patience.
  • Intense internal massage. Only the right caresses can bring to squirt. But there is no single instruction for getting a squirt. Some people like stroking, others like pressure. The right movements will need to be sought by observing the reaction of the woman. This is a long but interesting process of revealing sensuality.

What can prevent a squirt? If you achieve the goal of this sensation and strive for it, the pleasure of the process is lost. 

And if it doesn’t work out, the girl can be nervous. Do not attach too much importance to the result, so that there is no fear, doubt or feeling of inferiority.

It is important to understand that not everyone will get a squirt, and this is not physiologically accessible to everyone, but it’s worth trying to learn.


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How to bring a girl to squirt with hands?

This is an effective but complicated way. 

Hand massage of the vulva requires patience, although fingers may get tired. But on the other hand, tactile sensations will allow you to accurately find G-Spot. How to do squirt with your hands?

  • Insert the index and middle fingers into the vagina using a special lubricant. No need to feel sorry for the lubricant to make the girl comfortable. Natural lubrication is not enough.
  • Feel zone G on the front wall of the vagina. To the touch it is a bulge with an uneven surface at a depth of 3-6 cm.
  • Start massaging the area, trying to increase excitement. It is worth stroking, pressing, circle. Touching should not be superficial, it is a massage with some pressure.
  • Massage gives results when it lasts at least 15 minutes. In the first experiments, a girl may experience a decrease in arousal at the beginning of the process. If this happens, additionally you need to start stimulating the clitoris. Hands and language should increase its response. Why does it take a lot of time? So that the glands are activated and fluid begins to accumulate in them.
  • The desired effect is an orgasm. Initially, it looks normal, but in the process, liquid is released. The first time is a few drops, they are not easy to notice. But each subsequent time there will be for "water".
  • After the first orgasm, you do not need to stop. First you need a slight slowdown, and then a new stimulation with an increase in rhythm. If the clitoris is caressed, then after the first orgasm you need to break away from it for 15-60 seconds. Continuation of movements, but in the correct rhythm, will allow the next squirt to come. The number of peaks can reach 10 or more, it is individual.

Everyone is capable of doing squirt with their hands, but it is important to understand that it can take months to achieve the result. 

Therefore, stimulation of zone G should be of interest to both, it can be part of normal sex. But each time the response will be brighter.

How to bring a girl to a squirt with penis?

Getting a squirt from the penis is much more difficult than from hands or sex toys. This is available to women who already know how to squirt.

The first experience of wet orgasm in this way is extremely rare. But if you want a multiple orgasm, you should try to realize the desired angle of entry.

In vaginal sex, the G-spot is not stimulated very intensely. To influence it, it is recommended to choose special poses.

  • Doggy style for jet orgasm. A girl on all fours, hands or elbows rests on the bed. The man is behind, but introduces a penis not forward, but down. In the process, the penis should not rest against the cervix, but into the front wall of the vagina. It is more convenient if the lady is on her knees on a high surface, and he is standing on the floor.
  • The man behind for a squirt. The girl lies on her stomach, the man on his knees from behind. He can lie on top of her, but the penis must be inserted at an angle so that the head massages the desired area. Under the hips of a woman, you can put a special pillow or roller, but it is important to ensure that the bend in her back does not bring discomfort.
  • Rider A lady can move a little forward or backward, sitting down on a man. And that regulates stimulation. If touches maximize the front wall of the vagina, there is a chance of a squirt.
  • Missionary Pillow. Under the buttocks, you need to make a roller to raise her pelvis. The man will not rest against zone G, he will simply stimulate her with translational movements, increasing excitement.

Secret squirt from a member in the angle of penetration. 

You can achieve it in different positions, it is important to look for convenient locations, strive to give each other only positive feelings.

How to make a girl squirt with a sex toy?

The easiest way to bring a girl to a squirt is the use of special vibrators. A sex toy can work for a long time without getting tired, which is impossible with hands. 

And it allows you to adhere to a single rhythm with a gradual increase in speed.

If you often stop or change movements when the orgasm is close, it moves away, and maybe even an abyss.

Fuzzy movements cause the squirt to be delayed. With a special device this does not happen.

How to use sex toys for squirt? There are several methods that actually lead to a jet orgasm:

  • Alternating hands and toys. First, find the desired point with your fingers, massage it, and when the girl is already aroused, a vibrator is introduced. Fluctuations are much more intense than massage, and they bring it to a climax. At the same time, the vibrator is moved inside, but with a small amplitude, it is not necessary to immerse or pull out strongly, small oscillatory movements are enough.
  • Clitoral stimulation with a sex toy. Inside, a lady can be massaged with the palm of his hand, but an assistant works outside. The clitoral vibrator quickly enhances her arousal, causing powerful orgasms. At the same time, you can entrust the management of it to the girl, she knows her body better. And it is the stimulation of the two zones that leads to wet sensations.
  • Weasels of two zones by vibration. You can take a double sex toy, and make a squirt with it. Movement at the clitoris and inside the body will immediately help her experience something new. You can start with your fingers, but only at the final stage to get an intimate object. But if it completes the whole device, it is worthwhile to caress other areas - lips, nipples, hips, etc.

A sex toy in getting a squirt is just an assistant. You still need to look for the zones you need with your fingers, and then choose the right vibration mode or alternate them so that the orgasm happens. 

The girl should conduct experiments alone, then to prompt her partner in the right movements.

Sex Toys For Squirt

To achieve a jet orgasm, you need to caress G-Spot. And you can add caresses of the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina. There are sex toys that are suitable for such stimulation. These are vibrators of a special form. You can highlight several intimate objects that will be useful in the process of achieving a squirt:

  • Vibrators for G-Spot. Designed specifically for multiple and jet orgasms. The curved shape acts on the desired area. And the maximum vibration is felt precisely at the tip to give maximum impressions. The more speeds, the more interesting the process.
  • Double vibratorsSimultaneously massage G-Spot and the clitoris. These include the legendary rabbit vibrators. Two processes can work together or turn on alternately. This is an ideal sex toy for self-examination and activation of internal erogenous zones.
  • Stimulants on the fingerOnly suitable for paired games. So that the hands do not get tired, and the massage is very bright, a special nozzle is put on the finger. It complements the massage with vibration, which causes violent orgasms.

This is not a complete list of things that can help in the process. For example, the clitoral vibrator will not be superfluous.

It will help supplement the massage of the vulva. The girl can hold it herself, approximating the moment of pleasure, or her partner can use it, but synchronizing movements inside the vagina and at the clitoris.

How to increase the likelihood of a squirt?

There are several ways to bring the onset of jet orgasm closer. Both partners must participate in this.
  • Strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor. If a girl is engaged with vaginal balls or a Kegel simulator, the likelihood of a squirt increases. Training activates nerve endings in the vagina, activates G-Spot. As a result, it responds better to affection. But classes should be regular so that the effect is noticeable.
  • Increased excitation. Girls experiencing a squirt often mention that first you need to experience a normal orgasm, and then you can go to a squirt. It helps to relax, promotes the right mood. Therefore, before massaging the vulva with hands or sex toys to isolate fluid, it is worth giving her pleasure in a more familiar way.
  • Activation of sensations. Using stimulating lubricant increases the chance of an orgasm. A special composition causes a rush of blood to the genitals, nerve endings respond better to stimulation, their intensity increases. The cream is applied to G-Spot and rubbed with massage movements. Lubricant is the secret of true pleasure.
  • The use of sex toys has already been mentioned. But it is the right vibrator that can help get the desired effect. Often the girl herself must learn to stimulate the needed points, figure out what effect causes the desired response. Masturbation with a vibrator also helps to bring the moment of getting enchanting experience.

Cons of jet orgasm


If a jet orgasm happened once, it can happen again with any subsequent sex. And this imposes restrictions on the woman's life:
  • It is difficult to have spontaneous sex. You can not experiment in the park on a bench or in the entrance, so as not to stain things. Intimacy becomes even inaccessible at a party, since it is difficult to explain the reason for the wet bed.
  • Difficult sex in bed. Every time you need to change the sheets. If there is no special mattress cover, you have to make a bed dry. And the bed cover also needs to be removed and washed each time.
  • The feeling of "not finished" interferes with life. If the fluid inside has accumulated, but the proximity process has been interrupted, it remains in the body. When jumping, sudden movements, it splashes out. And it is impossible to control a woman. This is similar to involuntary urination, but in small volumes. And it happens within 1-2 days.
  • New lovers get scared. Not every lady is pleased to hear the question: "Are you done?" Not all men understand what this process is, and the explanation may seem like an excuse.


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