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How to make your intimate life more interesting?

How to make your intimate life more interesting?

Sex is creativity, in which variety is indispensable. Even the most beloved and suitable positions become boring over time and do not give vivid orgasms. 

erotic woman showing her leg

You can buy new toys, intimate lingerie, read the Kama Sutra, or search the Internet for new ideas that will add variety. But in fact, all the poses that were once invented and tested by mankind are reduced to several main ones, important clarifications in which will help both partners get vivid sensations, open new facets of sensuality, and learn more about your body.

There are several main positions: missionary, rider, doggy style, standing sex. 

Today we will talk about exactly how to improve each of them so that intimacy is always a bright, juicy, interesting event and in no case becomes a routine fulfillment of marital duty.

Missionary position

Perhaps this is the main pose that is present in the intimate life of every couple. It is the simplest, suitable for most men and women, regardless of their weight, temperament, preferences. 

Unfortunately, not always a woman can reach orgasm in this position. And often in the missionary position you will not have sex - it quickly gets boring. So it's time to make changes:

  • Move your legs and tense your muscles, find a suitable angle. Use special furniture for sex or improvised means for this: roll a bath towel, put a pillow or blanket, place your hips on your partner's lap. This will increase the intensity of stimulation of the clitoris and the G-spot by the penis, make the penetration of the penis into the vagina deeper, and increase the sensitivity of the genitals.
  • Raise your legs up. This will drastically change the missionary position, as it will increase the intensity and depth of penetration of the penis into the vagina. This position is especially suitable for those couples where the man does not have a very large penis. YOU can change the angle, depth of entry, intensity of frictions.
  • Hug, look each other in the eyes. Usually we close our eyes, look away, and some couples even think about what to do during frictions with hands. But the answer is simple: you can caress and stroke each other, hug, squeeze your hugs until it hurts, or do everything kindly. If you look your partner in the eyes, you will not look away even during orgasm, you will experience new sensations for yourself, become closer, and the missionary position will sparkle with new colors.
  • Add rigidity. Elements of BDSM games will add spice to even a classic pose. You can also use special things for this - handcuffs or a mask. For those who love BDSM, you can also choose the details for receiving and delivering pain, for example, nipple clamps.
  • Masturbate in the process! Yes, no one forbids you to caress during frictions not only your partner, but also yourself. You can do this with your hands - usually the maximum orgasm is achieved if the missionary position is combined with stimulation of the clitoris, or you can use various objects and toys.
  • An interesting aperitif. High-quality foreplay can significantly improve the sensations of both partners, even with classic poses. For example, a good massage, a romantic dinner or dance, cunnilingus and rimming. All this will add peppercorns, make sex bright, sharp, and unique.

Toys should be discussed separately. After all, they are able to change any position, even missionary. 

So, no vibrator can be compared with the usual frictions. Therefore, use a motorized toy for extra stimulation both before and during missionary sex.

For a feeling of fullness and double penetration, use a butt plug . Moreover, both partners will like such a toy. 

If you insert it into a woman's anus, the vagina will become narrower, and the sensations of her and his will become brighter at times. 

And if the plug is equipped with vibration, you will experience truly cosmic experiences, multiple orgasms.

Toys for two are specially designed to stimulate both partners at once. And those who want convenience and new sensations should pay attention to toys with a remote control or controlled from a smartphone. 

You can enhance the orgasm of a woman in the missionary position and prolong sexual intercourse with the help of special attachments for the penis .

BDSM Handcuffs

Doggy style

It seems that nothing new in the doggie-style position can be invented. After all, it is simple, effective, suitable for many couples. 

Its main advantage is that it is universal: both partners can be active, regulate the depth of penetration, the frequency of frictions. He sees all her charms, can stroke and caress them. 

She calmly kneels, rests her elbows or hands on the bed.

But you can also improve this position, make it cooler and brighter:

  • Change the angle of inclination. This is most convenient for a woman. She can bend, bring the chest as close as possible to or move away from the knees. And this will radically change the feelings of both partners in the doggy style pose.
  • Let the woman sit on the cards and the man enters from behind. This variation is not suitable for everyone: a woman should be flexible and resilient, and the initiative goes completely into the hands of a man. But he will be able to regulate the depth of penetration and further stimulate her clitoris with his fingers.
  • On the table. Yes, you heard right. Let the woman lie on the table with her breasts and her legs rest in the hands of her partner. You can also use a high bed for this - then the man should be on his knees. The main thing here is to choose the optimal surface height. The option is good for rough sex, role play, experimentation.
  • Try anal. Yes, it is the anal penetration of the penis or the caress of the anus ring with the hands that diversifies the doggy style best. But here, follow the rules of hygiene, do not forget to use lubricant and discuss your intentions in advance.
  • Use your hands! She can only lean on one hand or elbow, and with the other hand caress her clitoris, pull on her nipples, stroke his body. He, too, can hold her breasts, stroke and kiss her, stimulate the erogenous zones.

You can also make the doggy style brighter with toys. For example, a butt plug with a rhinestone in its anus is not only a beautiful decoration and an alluring detail that will increase his arousal. 

It is also a way of narrowing the vagina and exacerbating her sensations from frictions and caresses. You can also use herringbone anal plugs, anal beads, toys with vibration. With the help of a motor, you can also stimulate the clitoris.

Don't forget about toys designed for both partners. And devices with a remote control or control from a smartphone , which have become popular in recent years, will be a real boon, because they will definitely add vivid sensations to sex.

woman laying on a bed


Horsewoman is another classic pose that many love. Here the partner plays an active role, she sets the pace, depth of penetration and, one might say, completely controls the process. 

Although he can help her make frictions, respond to her movements and caresses, change the position of his body. A woman in a riding position looks sexy, and feels power and control.

But even this position can be quite diversified:

  • Sex in unusual places. The rider can be used in the bedroom and elsewhere. For example, it is perfect for sex in nature, in the car, in the office. It will also diversify your intimate life.
  • Change the direction of movement during intercourse. Use not only vertical and horizontal movements, but also circular pelvis. They are not always obtained the first time - training and certain physical data are required. But the sensations from circular movements are incredible. Do not forget to also change the incline, pace, intensity of frictions.
  • The woman sits down not with her face, but with her back to her partner. In this case, the G-spot is actively stimulated, and the woman can experience a brighter orgasm from the movements of the penis inside her. To further enhance the sensation, you can use any anal toy suitable for sex.
  • The girl sits on her partner lying on the bed , throws her legs on his shoulders and makes movements with her pelvis. At this time, he caresses her with his hands and supports her by the waist. This is another variation of the rider that requires the girl to be flexible and flexible. Moreover, she can just sit or bend forward, wrapping her arms around his neck.
  • The man lies under the woman on the bed , but at the same time bends his knees. The position is liked by many women and men, as it allows a man to act together with a partner, helping her to perform frictions when she is tired or numb from arousal or an approaching orgasm.

You can also use toys for variety in the position when the woman is on top. Vibration, different impulses and rhythms, additional pressure - all this can bring new colors. 

Buy yourself a clitoral vibrator , butt plug with or without vibration, cock ring, double penetration attachment. A vibro bullet and mini vibrators will delight both him and her with new sensations.

What else will help to add variety to sex

In fact, in addition to changing positions, there are many more ways that will help to diversify the intimacy of a couple. 

We have already talked about some, but others have only touched on in passing. Here are some of the most effective ones:

  • Use of toys for adults. Sex shop opens up many options to diversify your sex. If you have never tried anal and double penetration, then you can buy a butt plug and make love in any familiar position. And even if such a toy is small, the sensations from it will be unique. Also look out for toys with a remote control or smartphone control, as well as devices designed specifically for couples.
  • Role-playing games. Even if it seems silly to you, try to play with your partner any plot that excites you both at least once. Even small details, such as a white robe or stockings, will complete the look. You will be surprised how diverse sex can be if you put your fantasies into it and not be afraid to try them in real life.
  • BDSM games. This kind of fun is not for everyone. But almost all couples will be satisfied with the light option. For example, using an eye mask or handcuffs will sharpen the sensations and may give you new orgasms.
  • It's hot and cold. Games with temperatures also bring variety, make sex even in familiar positions an exciting activity. An ice cube, a cooled or heated toy - anything, if it is safe, can be used.
  • Food. Delicious sex is something that everyone should try in their life. Chocolate, condensed milk, cream eaten from the body of a loved one will irritate both you and your partner.
  • Intimate lingerie. For some reason, there is an opinion that only a woman can dress up. But for men, there are tons of options. Just visit a sex shop and choose one of them.
  • Change of locations. You can change not only the poses, but also the place of their application. Ever tried sex in the bathroom, on the kitchen table, or outdoors? It's time to do this if you want variety.
  • Breathing technique. In order for the sensations during frictions in any position to be bright, it is necessary to concentrate on the process, not to be distracted by other matters and thoughts. The deeper and more measured you breathe, the longer and brighter your orgasms will be.

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