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How to pleasure a man with your tongue. In 9 Ways.

How to pleasure a man with your tongue. In 9 Ways.

Emotions on the way from foreplay to orgasm can be much more passionate if you start using your tongue more actively (and encouraging your partner to do the same). 

Why? It is a strong and flexible organ and can be used to create a variety of sensations. “The correct caress with kisses can bring a person to a state of voluptuous languor,” says sex trainer Amy Joe Goddard.

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There is no doubt that you already know how to master your tongue as you caress his penis, so why not try these moves from Amy Goddard and Amy Levine, sex trainer and founder of the online magazine Ignite Your Pleasure, to add variety to your bed. and try to caress other parts of the body.

1. Sit on it with your legs wide apart and slowly slide the tip of your tongue along the outline of your lips. You can bite your lip for extra passion.

2. Run the tip of your tongue along the outside of your earlobes (erogenous zone).

3. Gently take his hand, hold your index finger and slowly lick it. Then run it over your body and stop on the clitoris.

4. When the level of arousal begins to rise, kiss him passionately on the neck, gently building up pressure with your tongue.

5. Find his sternocleidomastoid muscle (it runs along the neck from the ear to the collarbone) and with a firm tongue go up and down it.

7. Run your tongue over the V-shaped area in the groin area, moving down from a point just below the pelvic bone and stopping right next to his "economy". Repeat the movement on the other side, then allow the tongue to slide towards the penis.

7. His collarbones are very sensitive places, slowly slide your tongue over them. You can repeat their contour to the neck, and then move on to a passionate kiss.

8. Let him lie on his stomach, and you slowly slide your tongue along the spine. Use your finger to repeat all the way, letting the moisture dry on his body.

9. Caress each other's breasts. Apply a drop of scented lubricant or whipped cream on his nipples and a hard tongue along the outline of the areola. Then, gently caress his nipples with your tongue, lean back and tilt his head towards your chest, giving him the opportunity to give you the same pleasure.

You see, if you start using language, your sex life will be completely different.

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