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How to use an inflatable butt plug? How to choose and why buy it?

How to use an inflatable butt plug? How to choose and why buy it?

Inflatable butt plugs help create a feeling of fullness. They can be used by both men and women, come in different shapes and sizes. Often such toys can significantly increase in size - up to 70-100%. They are suitable for those who only recently began to practice stimulation of the anus, and already experienced  people. The main thing is to use the inflatable cork correctly and choose the right model. That is what we want to tell you about today.

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Inflatable butt plug device

The inflatable butt plug is arranged very simply. Its main part is a sleeve having a limiter and a leg for the convenience and safety of immersion of the toy in the anus. In addition, the device is equipped with a flexible hose and bulb for the gradual and controlled injection of air into the part that is in the anus. To quickly bleed air, manufacturers supply almost all models with a special valve. Therefore, with any discomfort, you can quickly reduce and remove the toy without much effort.

Some inflatable anal plugs are equipped with a vibrator , which makes their use even more pleasant and interesting. Moreover, there are models with a huge number of vibration patterns and adjustment of its intensity. This further expands the capabilities of the toy, making it universal.

The initial size of the sleeve can be different: from the smallest (1-2 cm in diameter) to impressive (from 4 cm or more). Moreover, the appearance of the cork itself may be different. These are smooth classic bushings of a cone-shaped and teardrop shape, and Christmas trees, and realistic dildos, and toys with an original design.

Inflatable butt plugWhy buy such an anal toy

In fact, an inflatable butt plug is a versatile toy that will find application in any bedroom. It is not suitable for socks due to the structural features. The bulb and the flexible tube connecting it to the cork cannot usually be removed, and it is inconvenient to carry the device with them. Nevertheless, you can use such a toy for a variety of purposes:

  • for prostate massage;
  • to prepare the anus for anal sex;
  • to create a feeling of fullness or a double penetration effect;
  • for additional stimulation of especially sensitive points in both him and her;
  • as a tool of torture in BDSM games.

Cork can also provide aesthetic pleasure. It is not decorated with rhinestones or drawings, but it looks great, it gives a vivid sensation to someone who is inserted into the anus. For maximum pleasure, you can use the cork along with other toys. For example, with a vibrator or dildo.

How to choose a suitable model of inflatable anal plug

The anus is narrower than the vagina. It is more difficult to stretch. And getting injured and painful is very simple if you do something wrong. For example, if you use large anal toys, take your time or forget about using grease.

An inflatable butt plug is a great option for both beginners and experienced partners in anal sex. After all, you can always adjust its volume yourself, and if necessary, quickly reduce it using a special valve.


Inflatable but plug

When choosing a butt plug with the ability to swap, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • price (it cannot be too low, since high-quality toys are made of good materials that cannot be cheap);
  • manufacturing company (global brands usually produce only high-quality items that have all the necessary certificates and documents, which means they are safe to use);
  • the material from which the product is made and its color;
  • initial diameter and maximum size when inflated.

If you are a beginner , take a toy with the smallest diameter in a deflated form and with the ability to significantly increase it. So you reduce your discomfort, you can use the butt plug with minimal preparation of the anus, and also do no harm to yourself. A large increase in size will allow you to achieve vivid sensations and stretch the anus as much as you wish.

If this is not the first time you have used devices to stimulate the anus, then do not take models that are too small in diameter when not inflated. Choose toys that can greatly increase in size, have a relief that gives additional stimulation. Also pay attention to plugs with vibration. With expansion, the intensity of vibration decreases slightly, but the sensations from it will be very unusual and pleasant.

And most importantly: in your games with any toy, always follow the rules for using, storing and cleaning the device.

How to use an inflatable butt plug

Since the anus and rectum are more difficult to stretch, they need more time to restore their original size. Therefore, always start stimulating this zone with the smallest diameter toys. And if you use any anal plug for the first time in your life, most likely, the sensations will not be most pleasant.

Subsequent injections, provided there is a sufficient amount of lubrication and gradualness, will bring much more pleasant experiences. In addition, over time, the anus zone will become more sensitive , and touching it, using toys or introducing a penis can cause an orgasm that is practically unattainable for those who have no experience in anal sex.

If you act incorrectly, then pain and other negative consequences can occur, for example, an anal fissure appears. In order for the swap toy to bring only pleasant sensations and be safe, follow these rules when introducing it:

  • 1. Prepare yourself or your partner for penetration. It is important to be prepared not only physically, but also psychologically. It is not necessary to do a cleansing enema. The main thing is that the rectum is empty at the time of insertion. If you worry that the partner or you get dirty, an enema can be done. In order to avoid embarrassing situations, stock up on wet wipes that may come in handy.
  • 2. Use a water based lubricant. Do not spare her - let the lubricant be more than necessary. This is especially important in the case when the butt plug increases in size and the body gradually gets used to it. Lubricate the outside of the anus with massage movements, penetrate with your fingers inward. Fully prepare the anus for insertion of the cork.
  • 3. Select the appropriate pose. Usually, a missionary position is used for this, when the partner or partner is lying on his back and his legs are raised, a “doggy style” or a person is lying on his side, where he picks up his knees to his chest and relaxes. It is also convenient to introduce the cork on his haunches and standing on his legs, bent at the knees, so that it is possible to part the hips.
  • 4. Proceed slowly. After massage with your fingers, gently insert the sleeve into the anus. It should have its minimum size. If it is even large in this form, get ready with the help of smaller toys or finger stimulation.
  • 5. Get used to it. Only after getting used to and lack of discomfort can the game continue. Gradually pump air. Do not forget to caress your partner, actively stimulate his or her erogenous zones, and talk.
  • 6. If you experience pain, blow some air from the cork. If you feel only discomfort, but there is no pain, wait until the body gets used to the size of the toy.
  • 7. You can remove the inflatable anal plug from the anus only in the deflated position. This will reduce the risk of pain and injury. In addition, the plug may burst due to a sudden pressure drop.
  • 8. The maximum size. Each swap toy has its own restrictions on the amount of air pumped. Check this information on the packaging. Excessive inflation may cause the toy to burst.

Do not use someone else’s sleeve or share it with someone. Even if it is a close partner and you are confident in his health. Any toy is intended for individual use. Otherwise, there is a risk of contracting various sexually transmitted diseases.


Inflatable butt plug

Care and storage of swap anal toys

Of course, as with any other toy, you need to properly care for the inflatable butt plug. Before and after its application, it is necessary to treat the plug with an antiseptic, if this is allowed in the instructions attached to it. Or you can just wash the toy with running water and soap (provided that it is waterproof). You can buy a special cleaner that cleans the cork with swap and does it carefully.

You can store an inflatable anal plug only in a deflated state . It is advisable to use a soft case or a special case for this. Make sure no one finds your toy. If you leave it just like that among things, there is a chance that it will get scratched and deteriorate, which means that it can no longer be used.

If you leave the sleeve in an inflated state, it will burst, since when it is inflated, its walls become thinner. Before each use, you need to inspect the toy, make sure that there are no sharp protrusions, cracks or other signs of breakage on it.

Who should not use an inflatable butt plug

The use of butt plugs with the ability to swap has several contraindications:

  • anal fissures, abrasions and other injuries of the mucous membrane of the anus and rectum;
  • sexually transmitted diseases and various types of infectious diseases;
  • diseases in which stimulation of the anus is contraindicated, for example, the threat of abortion or prostate adenoma
  • acute hemorrhoids.


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