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Kisses: Fragile and passionate

Kisses: Fragile and passionate

A kiss seems like a simple thing, experienced many times, which we act instinctively in the face of. However, there are some very simple but much more enjoyable ways of kissing that we usually just don’t think about.
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An angelic kiss.It is a cute and sweet kiss. You can slap your partner, for example, in the eye. This will be appreciated by people of all ages.

Kiss on the cheek. A friendly kiss that shows one way or another sympathy. This is probably the most acceptable way to get closer on a first date. Wrap the chosen person over your shoulders and rub your cheeks gently with your lips.

Butterfly kissing. Approach the person’s face and blink gently through the lashes while blinking. This will create a pleasant thrill for the person you really like.

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A cooling kiss. Put a small piece of ice in your mouth and try to kiss with your other half. You can also pass it on to your partner with your tongue. It is an erotic and sensual kiss.

Eskimo kiss. Pull your faces as close as possible and gently rub your noses into each other’s noses. This way is modest but very enjoyable.

A kiss to the ear. Gently wrap your partner’s ear cup with your lips, kiss. However, avoid intense sucking, as the ears are a very sensitive place and the sound emitted can become simply unpleasant for a person. This way of kissing is very tempting.

French Kiss. Just suck on each other’s lips and kiss passionately using your tongues. Some call it the kiss of the soul.

Kiss on the forehead. Such kissing is often called friendly or maternal. Just slap the person in the forehead or rub it gently with your lips.

Foot kiss. It is a romantic and at the same time erotic gesture. Such a kiss may tickle, but it is best for the partner to just relax and enjoy. You can not only kiss your feet, but also gently suck your toes. In addition, such a method can be part of erotic massage.

Hand kiss. Gently take the lady’s hand and lightly touch it with your lips. In history, such a kiss was a sign of humility or respect.

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Hot cold kiss. Put a piece of ice in your mouth and offer the chosen person to drink hot tea. Then head into the jungle of a French kiss - an unusually pleasant and contrasting feeling is guaranteed.

A kiss on the neck. Lean on the desired person and gently touch the neck with your lips, kiss it on the sides and back.

An unexpected kiss. Try kissing the person when he least expects it. Hit it as if trying to steal this kiss.

Letter kiss. Write a letter to a loved one on paper, which you can diversify with written kisses or kiss the sheet with your lips.