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Planning a romantic trip. Things to remember.

Planning a romantic trip. Things to remember.

A romantic trip is not like a regular vacation. If you don't fight or do stupid things, you get guaranteed great sex on vacation.

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It's easy to forget important things while preparing for a romantic trip, so there are things to be done in advance.

Don't think that your significant other will immediately agree to a trip for two. Your partner or partner may already have plans of their own. If you want to make a surprise, then ask him or her not to plan anything for a few days. 

You can also hint where you are going so that you don't have to buy a swimsuit or ski jacket upon arrival.

Romance should start at the very beginning of the trip. Choose the most romantic means of transportation if possible. Decided to rent a car? Let it be a convertible. Traveling by train? Take tickets to SV. 

Fly by plane? Buy first class seats and don't forget to take seats nearby. The last thing you need to do is find yourself sitting at different ends of the plane.

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Save money or stay in a luxury hotel? It depends on your budget. But try to choose the options that are most convenient for you. Do you have coupons, bonuses, or are you a member of any hotel savings program? 

Take advantage of them! Are you going to stay in the city center or are you looking for something simpler on the outskirts? Do you know how to search the Internet for special offers inexpensive hotels? 

With just a little time and creativity, you no longer have to settle for wooden mattresses and hard pillows for $ 100 a night, when you can enjoy full service for $ 80.

If you are not fabulously rich, you can plan your trip ahead and take advantage of airline and hotel discounts. But even if you decide to go at the last moment, do not despair. On the Internet, you can find incredible last minute tours to both popular and exotic places. Another hint. 

February is an off-season on many destinations and prices can be significantly lower than usual this month.

Do you need vaccinations, passport or visa? Make sure you have enough time for this. Some companies offer to address these issues in a short time, but it will cost you a pretty penny. If you want to save money, then deal with the necessary papers in advance.

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In today's unpredictable world, no one wants to get into trouble for stupidity. Don't joke about terrorism at airports. 

Do not fight with employees if you did not get the seat you wanted on the plane. Don't be discouraged by long lines. Do not take anything remotely resembling a weapon, as well as pepper sprays and pocket knives. Follow all the rules!

Wherever you go, don't forget the massage kit ! Vibrator  or tube of lubricant can also come in handy on a romantic getaway. But airport precautions can make you change your mind about taking certain toys.

Yes, it will be embarrassing if the scanner detects a strange metal object in your bag that actually turns out to be a vibrator. If you are concerned about this, put all toys in a separate bag so that the security officer does not have to stir the entire bag. 

And to avoid problems, it is better to take toys made of gel, silicone , plastic  or latex with you , but first you need to remove the batteries from them.

Now you know how to get ready for a romantic getaway, so move on to the next step - choosing a place for your vacation. We wish you a happy and fun trip!

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