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Poor quality condoms - myth or reality?

Poor quality condoms - myth or reality?

Today, condoms of various brands are presented on the market. And it is believed that some of them are low-quality products. Are there really "bad" condoms or is it a myth that is common among ordinary people? Does product quality depend on cost? And does the high price protect against fakes?


Horrible condoms exist

Low quality is not a myth, and such products really exist. But most often - this is not a manufacturer’s mistake, but simply a fake . 

This is an attempt to create contraceptives similar to well-known brands that people will buy without a doubt.

What is the difference between low-quality condoms

What is the difference between fakes? They do not comply with existing standards.

Violations can concern any aspect: from material to size. The most common production disruptions are:

  • Size mismatch. In length or in girth, fakes are often shorter or narrower. As a result, they are difficult to put on; they may not fit. And if the tension is too strong, the probability of damage due to friction increases.
  • Presence of hazardous components. Acetone, farmaldehyde, phthalates, heavy metals can be used in low-cost production. To reduce the cost of the product, low-quality materials are used. Their composition can be hazardous to health. Minimum damage is an allergy, but there are also serious diseases.
  • No grease or strange texture. Good lubrication is expensive, in fakes it is replaced with low-quality or not added at all. That is why the slip does not improve, but worsens. And even “lumps” of dried lubricant can form inside.
  • There are creases on the product. In large industries, all products are rolled up by machines. And all this is very smooth. If there are creases on the surface, this can affect the wear resistance of the material, worsen its properties. In cheap factories less attention is paid to quality, and the presence of folds suggests that it is counterfeit.
  • Too thin or thick material. When using low-quality latex, it is difficult to achieve the desired thickness, so the products are either very dense or thin. Because of this they break quicker.
  • Insufficient strength. When stretched, latex must withstand certain loads. If this parameter is violated, then after several movements the protection may burst. And often fakes do not have the desired properties.
  • Damage. Such a defect is rare, but there may be “holes” in the condom. It is easy to verify this, if you pour water into it, it should not leak out.

Condom cucumber hearts


What is the danger of poor-quality condoms

There are 2 main dangers that await those who use fake condoms:

  • Pregnancy. If the condom breaks or leaks seminal fluid, there is a chance of an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Infection Diseases can be transmitted through low-quality latex.

But they are not the only ones, because the body can react to poor-quality materials. And then irritation, inflammation, rubbing are possible. All this is difficult and takes a long time to treat.

How to distinguish a fake from the original?

It is very difficult to distinguish a fake. Visually, this is not always possible. That is why it is better to simply refuse to purchase protective products in inappropriate places.

And it’s important to understand that buying condoms on Chinese sites is not the best way to save . Inside may not be original from a famous brand, but fakes. And most often they are sold at a huge discount.

How to buy high-quality protective equipment?

An ideal place to buy high-quality condoms is proven sex shops that work directly with manufacturers. Such a scheme is available only to the largest stores.

But this ensures that the batch will be checked for sure that it will not be replaced somewhere, it will meet quality standards.

All products in our the store are originals, they are safe and reliable . At the same time, you can order them at a price lower than in a pharmacy or supermarket.


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