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Popular intimate haircuts. History and advice

Popular intimate haircuts. History and advice

Girls are different - black, white, red. But everyone equally wants to ... sooner or later change their image, radically change their colors, regain their color, cut their bangs, grow bangs, curl, straighten, cut their hair, shave their sides, grow, take off and, ultimately, freak out and make a square, without saying already about a haircut under zero.

Fashion is a volatile phenomenon, as, in fact, is a mood that can push one or another decision to change the image. At the same time, fashion is cyclical, because every few years everything that was already at the peak of fashion and popularity 10 years ago is returned to us. 

As they say, everything new is well forgotten old. If you think that fashion affects only those areas and industries that all of us have for granted for the fashion shows of famous couturiers, well-known glosses and popular fashion magazines, style, beauty, etc., then it is not. 

Clothing, shoes, hairstyles, makeup - this is just the tip of the iceberg, which has been censored and can be massively demonstrated by the media, television channels and magazine publishers on all continents and generations. 

And if we know that, for example, in the 60s, a huge bouffant, babette and volume were fashionable from the hairstyles, and in the 80s a curly wave and the cascade era covered, then what do we know about intimate haircuts? 

Some people don’t even imagine that hairstyles can be done far beyond just your head ... Such fashion trends will not be shown on great catwalks and will not be broadcast on prime time on television, but, nevertheless, they exist. 

Like on the head, hairstyles in the intimate zone have gone their whole life since ancient times and paid tribute to fashion, mores and preferences from era to era. 

Shave or not shave that’s the question ... Women have long been faced with this dilemma and presented themselves with a choice: to shave everything clean, slightly trim the “ends”, leave it in some places and portray something or leave it as it is. 

At different times, this choice was influenced by many factors, from hygiene, fashion, personal preferences to forced measures due to social status or even religion. But first things first.

Egypt symbols


No, haircuts in the intimate zone are not a 21st century find at all and not a trend that has appeared to us from nowhere in recent years. 

Such haircuts came to us from a long time ago, when this piquant phenomenon was not only a fashion whim, but also the need for hygiene and generally accepted standards. So where do the roots come from?

The beginning and the pioneers of such a thing as intimate haircuts and pubic shaving as such, is considered to be the ancient Egyptians. 

It was they who planted that small seed in the fertile soil of fashion history, which sprouts and blossoms from era to era and continues to exist to this day. 

The ancient Egyptians generally paid great attention to their body, appearance and care for them. It was the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt that began to completely remove hair, not only from the intimate zone, but also from the whole body. 

Such a step to get rid of hair in the intimate area was no longer a consequence of fashion, but a necessity by the standards of hygiene. Although the fact of love for beauty and caring for one’s own body should not be discarded either, because a smooth body was considered beautiful even then. 

The only difference is that the highest nobility of Ancient Egypt, so to speak, the elite of society, resorted to more loyal and safe methods of getting rid of hair, and ordinary people of lower status sometimes had to be content with rather terrible ways. 

But the fact is that the ancient Egyptians got rid of pubic hair not only in order to be “in trend”, but also because skin parasites often wound in the hairline. People were afraid of a wide variety of lice, ticks and similar “pets” in the intimate zone, and therefore preferred to completely shave and destroy hair in a variety of ways. 

And if representatives of high society could afford safer types of sharpened knives, special slaves who carefully performed the procedures, beeswax and phytochemicals for depilation, which contained plant extracts, various fats, tar and other components that helped to get rid or slow down hair growth, then the lower class of people epilated themselves on their own and with what they have to. 

Basically, arsenic and quicklime were used, which did not have a very favorable effect on the skin condition and overall health. But, what can’t you do for the sake of beauty ... Besides, there is no hair - no lice.

Castle middle ages

The next time period, which one way or another played a role in the history of fashion intimate haircuts - is the Middle Ages. And again, it will be about the nobility. Women from high society wanted to differ from, so to speak, mere mortals and preferred to completely get rid of excess hair in the intimate zone. 

Thus, in medieval public baths, one could immediately understand where commoner was steamed. 

The lack of hair and a smooth body has become a symbol and distinction of the highest status in society. But no matter how noble ladies promoted hair removal among their own in fashionable ranks, the Inquisition put the final point on this. 

The witch hunt has transformed the epilation of intimate zones from the fashion of the upper class into a common necessity that bordered on life and death. From this moment, women were obliged to shave off completely the hairline from the pubis in order to prove to the hunters that they had nothing to do with witches and other evil spirits. 

Witch on a broom

Why did the pubis fall under the gaze? According to witch hunters, that same sign of witchcraft and the devil's seal was on the body of witches, and more precisely, in an intimate place. 

Any mole, birthmark, pigment formation or other spot was considered a stigma and a diabolical seal, which indicated the witch's essence. In order to prove their innocence, women polls got rid of pubic hair, which helped to hide their witch's secret. 

Unlike the ancient Egyptians, women in the Middle Ages did not experience arsenic and lime, but they also could not boast of iridescent and painless hair removal. Medieval ladies used very sharp and dangerous razors, which subsequently left a lot of cuts, scars, wounds, caused irritation and inflammation, and also contributed to the entry into the blood of various diseases. 

So the Middle Ages made their sad contribution to the history of intimate haircuts. 

The era of the reign of the French king Louis 14 has brought a sunlight for fashion on smooth intimate zones, also known as the Sun King. 

During his reign, not only the absolute monarchy reached its peak, but also the fashion for intimate haircuts. 

No, at this time, ladies did not boast of luxurious patterns and works of hair art on their pubes, but rather the opposite. This time left its mark in history in the form of a fashion for the complete absence of hair in the intimate zone. 

The reason for this was the desire of women to find a life partner as soon as possible. 

And the thing is that the men wanted to see with them a young, beautiful girl who would shine with youth and beauty of both her face and body. 

Therefore, in order to slow down for several years, create the illusion of youth and, in the end, appear before the narrowed in all its glory, innocence and youth, women of all ages frantically tried to get rid of the unwanted vegetation of piquant places. 

Woman old fashion

The fight against hair was no less severe than in previous centuries. At that time, there was also a division into rich and poor, and therefore the best of everything went to the “cream of society”. 

Wealthy ladies could afford safe and effective procedures, so to speak, of a premium class, namely, waxing. But poor women who did not want to lag behind the higher nobility, tried to follow fashion and imitate rich ladies, the struggle with hair was not so easy. 

Waxing was not accessible to the lower class, and therefore desperate women resorted to sharp blades that left injuries and scars in the intimate areas, not to mention irritations and infections, as well as ordinary pumice stones, which they rubbed their intimate places with tough and furious if not to blood and inflammation. 

And now the 19th century is approaching , which radically changes views on vegetation in the intimate zone. 

During this period, naturalness and acceptance of one’s nature as it is is on the pedestal. Women stopped terrorizing their bodies, rubbing intimate areas with emery cloths, pumice stones and blasphemous hair removal, but simply accepted themselves and did not bother with shaving and excess vegetation. 

Only representatives of the most ancient professions who did this for the best aesthetic appearance for their own clients completely got rid of hair on intimate places. Such a fashion for naturalness lasted until the 20th century, namely, until the famous sexual revolution.

Notorious sexual revolution made adjustments to the fashion for intimate hairstyles. In this period of time, the concept of “intimate haircut” just appeared. 

People started talking more about sexuality, more freely raised intimate and once forbidden topics, and began to pay great attention to their appearance and body. 

There were also more open swimwear, which obliged women to be well-groomed and smooth in places. At first, women did not completely get rid of hair in intimate areas, but simply cut their hair, contoured it, or simply bleached it. 

And then human fantasies gained freedom of action. It is this period that can be called the beginning of the most diverse, original and extravagant intimate haircuts, which are still popular today. 

Closer to the 80-90s there less and less hair in the woman's intimate zone. According to the laws of fashion cycling, absolute smoothness became fashionable again and successfully competed with intimate haircuts. 

But it is worth noting that there was no competition as such, since women themselves had the right to decide what to do with their hair and which fashion to adhere to. 

There is no pressure and distribution according to social status, which for many centuries haunted women and imposed their views and morals on the account of the type of intimate zones. 

Only freedom and your own desire! Someone chose complete smoothness and bareness, someone defended their naturalness, and someone experimented and embodied various images from the head on an intimate canvas. 

The original intimate haircuts are fixed closer to the new millennium and formed a new wave of popularity. Now the intimate zone has become a platform for art, and intimate haircuts have become a fashion trend for young people and not only. 

All kinds of drawings, signs, symbols, patterns, stripes and a wide variety of geometric shapes have become a real fashion peak among intimate hairstyles. Shave a heart? No problem. Cut the first letter of the name of a loved one from hair? That is generally without question. 

Bikini butt

To dye pubic hair and add charm in the form of rhinestones and pebbles? Anything you want. From the 80s to the 90s, to this day, intimate haircuts are not only art and fashion, which dates back to ancient times, but also the freedom of choice that people have gained and now have the right to independently decide what to do with their body and how to decorate it. 

Cut the first letter of the name of a loved one from hair? That is generally without question. To dye pubic hair and add charm in the form of rhinestones and pebbles? Anything you want. 

From the 80s to the 90s, to this day, intimate haircuts are not only art and fashion, which dates back to ancient times, but also the freedom of choice that people have gained and now have the right to independently decide what to do with their body and how to decorate it.

21 century was marked by absolute freedom, which allows you to be guided exclusively by your interests, preferences and views on fashion and beauty. As they say, the taste and color ... And this is absolutely true. So, if you want to completely get rid of hair on intimate parts of the body, then boldly shave everything under zero with ordinary razors or electric trimmers, do waxing, try sugaring or use special means to slow down hair growth. 

Fortunately, today safe and almost painless ways to remove hair are just darkness, which greatly simplifies and improves life, which cannot be said about past time periods. 

Would you like to stay natural and enjoy every hair on your body? Your right! This is your body, your genitals and your vegetation, after all. 

So follow your views, desires and preferences and live in complete harmony with yourself and only for pleasure. Well, if you are one of those who want to experiment, create and be original, then intimate haircuts are what you need. 

This area of ​​spicy art has no boundaries and prohibitions, which means that you can come up with and implement absolutely any hairstyle and haircut in your intimate zone. 

But if suddenly you have not yet come up with something extravagant and unique that you would like to see on your pubis, but still burn with the desire to try and experiment, then we can show you the most popular intimate haircuts that women around the world do most often. to create and to be original, then intimate haircuts are what you need. 

Bikini sand


1. Triangles. One of the most popular intimate haircuts is a variety of geometric shapes, and most often - triangles. 

This haircut style is also known as “American”. It is the most common among women and easy to perform in any environment. It is the triangle and all its variations, shapes and sizes on the pubis that perfectly emphasizes the natural shape of the intimate zone, personifies naturalness and naturalness, and also acts as a kind of symbol of the female genitalia. 

A regular straight triangle on the pubis becomes a real decoration of the lower abdomen and gives a neat and beautiful shape to the intimate zone. 

Triangles can be depicted both in a classical form, and with some features, depending on the type of figure and the desire to emphasize certain details of your body. 

  • A triangle in which the upper side is concave inward by an arc. Such an unusual geometric figure is perfect for very slim and even thin ladies. This form visually makes the narrow hips a little wider and more voluminous. But for owners of magnificent forms and large hips, such an intimate haircut is not particularly suitable if, of course, you do not want to emphasize your luxurious forms.
  • A triangle whose upper side is convex outward. Here is just such a variant of the triangle that will look perfect on the intimate area of ​​women with curvaceous forms. Such a convex arc contributes to the visual correction of the figure. Such a triangle makes the hips smaller and slimmer, and the tummy seems flatter. 

2. Strips. This design of intimate haircuts is in no way inferior to triangles in popularity. Thin, wide, long, short and the most varied variations of the stripes on the pubis are a fashion for centuries. 

Women who prefer to get rid of hair completely, but leave some original and piquant peppercorn in their intimate zone, choose strips. Basically, this is a small narrow strip that stretches from the area above the clitoris to the upper part of the pubis. 

She gives femininity, mystery and elegance. When choosing a strip as an intimate haircut, you should also pay attention to the type of figure and the density of pubic hair. There are several types of intimate haircuts with stripes.

  • Brazilian strip. This haircut is a vertical, long and very narrow strip on the pubis, which creates the effect of stretching the figure. Such an intimate hairstyle will look perfect on slender women. Too thin ladies who do not need additional stretching of the figure, this haircut should be discarded.
  • Wide runway. A wider vertical strip on the pubis will favorably represent the intimate zone and the figure of the ladies with curvaceous forms. Here you should carefully combine the length and width of the strip with the type of figure of a woman. The larger and fuller the figure, the wider and longer it is necessary to make a strip on the pubis in order to visually emphasize all the advantages and hide the flaws.  
  • Horizontal strip An elongated wide strip located horizontally on the pubis is an excellent option for women who have unexpressed hips and a wide, not outlined waist. such a strip will allow you to favorably place emphasis on the figure, visually highlight the hips and waist and give beautiful, elegant outlines to the figure.
  • Little Tiffany. This hairstyle is suitable for those ladies who love as much vegetation as possible in their intimate zone, but want to frame it in a more neat, sophisticated and feminine form. This haircut is a vertical short, but wide strip, which can even resemble a rectangle or even a square. This intimate hairstyle looks perfect for owners of wide hips and magnificent shapes. Ideal for very tall women.

3. The heart. For romantic natures and for girls who want to impress their man and demonstrate love with an unusual haircut, an intimate curly hairstyle “heart” is great. 

From the name it can be understood that on the pubis a heart is simply represented from the hair, which, moreover, can be painted red or decorated with various drawings and other cute details and elements. You can’t imagine a more romantic haircut.

4. Tulip and torch. These are two similar in shape curly haircuts that directly mimic a flower, namely a tulip bud and a torch, or rather a flame escaping from it. What is the first, that the second haircut are hits of intimate hairstyles among women. 

A delicate tulip bud is more often chosen by women with a delicate, romantic nature, but passionate and sexually brave ladies resort to the ardent flame. These haircuts will also look perfect in color, so you can safely dye your hair in pink, red or orange colors for greater showiness and originality. 

5. A drop and a half moon. Haircuts “drop” and "half moon” are one of the simplest curly intimate haircuts that look great with any figure, complexion, as well as the thickness and length of the hair in the intimate area. 

These figures are very common among intimate hairstyles and are considered already classic. The names speak for themselves and therefore it is easy to guess what exactly will be depicted on the pubis. A neat drop and an elegant half moon will give the intimate zone some mystery, sophistication and, of course, beauty.

6. Crazy Empress. Who did not dream of being a princess, queen or noble empress? The time has come and you try on a crown, but not classical and not on your head. 

A curly haircut in the shape of a crown is a favorite intimate hairstyle for self-confident girls and women. The advantage of such a haircut is not only its extravagant appearance and the ability to decorate with rhinestones and pebbles, but also that it is suitable for absolutely all types of figures. 

The size of the crown can be selected independently to your taste, convenience and preference.

7. Sonata. One of the technically sophisticated intimate haircuts, which requires special care, care and skill. 

Such a hairstyle consists of two elements: a curly part resembling the shape of a drop or a comma, which is located vertically, and a small neat point, which is located in the middle of the first element. This unusual and mysterious figure in appearance resembles the eastern symbol of Yin-Yang.

8. Lotus. Floral motifs are very popular among women and the wonderful Lotus flower was no exception. 

The lotus is a magical symbol of perfection, life and wisdom. This graceful and sophisticated figure adds an intimate zone of femininity, grace and beauty. The haircut may vary. 

A lotus can be with a whole core filled with hair, and can only highlight it, leaving the inside smooth and tender. Such haircut variations and flower vision are completely dependent on individual preferences. 


Long terrifying and in some places cruel traditions, views on vegetation in the intimate zone and the need to torture your body for the sake of blindly following fashion have long been behind.

In today's time, we all have the right to decide on our own how to dress, how to dye and with which pubes to live. To shave everything clean, give free rein to hair and allow it to grow in all directions of the world or to make the most incredible and original intimate haircuts, it's up to you. Your pubis your rules. Do what brings you aesthetic pleasure and comfort.

What does not contradict your views, tastes and preferences. The one you will enjoy and enjoy. In the end, experiment, because there are an incredible amount of intimate hairstyles. Why not give it a try? And to shave or not to shave, decide for yourself.


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