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Certainly not all women experience orgasm during sex. However, very often the representatives of the beautiful sex skillfully simulate it, that men do not even understand it ...


Why is this happening?

According to statistics, one in ten women imitates orgasm during sex .

But why do they mislead men in such an important matter? Sexologists and psychologists name several reasons.

Female orgasm

Because sex would end sooner. This reason is the most common.

It’s no secret that a woman doesn’t always seek intimate intimacy. Her sexuality is not like that of men and she is easily vulnerable: female libido is affected by psychological factors - say, caring for a sick child or stress at work.

In this case, if sex can’t become a woman’s psychological discharge, it simulates an orgasm because it’s the simplest way to finish things that also require a lot of physical strength and don’t bring any pleasure.

Naked womanFear of appearing frigid. 
Another common reason why a woman mimics an orgasm. 

According to experts, there are already psychological problems, not physiological barriers - frigid women are extremely rare.

 Suppose a complex can arise if a woman was once tactfully hinted at her coldness. As a result, the woman feels guilty that she is not ideal, and instead of looking for ways and means to excite her, she constantly imitates an orgasm so that only the man does not find out about it.

For a man. Often a woman simulates pleasure for fear of offending a man by admitting that she feels nothing. 

Or do it to reward him that way. However, psychologists believe that such behavior promotes problems in relationships, when this secret sooner or later becomes clear. In addition, it is necessary for the woman herself to find out the real situation and overcome her tension, to get rid of stress.

Is it possible to realize that a woman is imitating an orgasm?

All women have different sensations of orgasm, and they are much wider and richer than men.

  • During orgasm, every woman feels and experiences special and unique feelings. However, there are five signs that can be used to find out the deception and provoke the partner to talk about her orgasm, more precisely, her absence.
Voice and intonation . If the woman is not silent, her orgasmic expressions during orgasm are reminiscent of the howling of a wild cat, not "beautiful" singing moans.
 And this is due to the fact that the range of a woman’s voice expands fantastically during culmination, and it is impossible to control this process.


BreathingA female orgasm causes the heart to beat more often and the breath becomes as if a woman has run 100 meters in record time. If breathing is calm and smooth, like sleeping - with an orgasm something is wrong.

Body movementsDuring orgasm, at the peak of arousal, the woman closes her eyes, closes her head, and bends her neck. 

She has a reddened face or a slight redness. Sometimes the mouth bends as if in pain and the pupils narrow. In addition, a female orgasm, no matter how fast, can be felt by the contraction of the vagina.

 And if the orgasm is very strong, the woman develops convulsions in the arms and legs, pulsating in the lower abdomen. Without these symptoms, a woman is unlikely to feel anything.

Womans body

PoseThe anatomical abilities of each woman are individual. Only 30 percent. women are able to feel a vaginal orgasm without any additional stimulation and in any poses.

Behavior after orgasm. A woman will not jump out of bed right after the climax if she really felt an orgasm. It takes 5 to 10 minutes for her to physiologically return to herself, purely in the literal sense.