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Sex after 60. What sex toys to buy?

Sex after 60. What sex toys to buy?

Remember the movie Cocoon? How did a few seventy- and eighty-year-olds who had already lost interest in sex regained their passion through the effects of the extraterrestrial Viagra? 

Elderly couple

Be that as it may, the truth is that the sexual activity of many couples has fallen over the years, and this may be due to both physical difficulties and the lack of interest. 

However, sex after sixty still happens, and in its most wonderful manifestations!

Before you close this article, skeptically shaking your head and thinking that this does not apply to you, let me say something. 

If something unexpected does not happen, or huge discoveries in medical technology do not happen, you will age, like any other person. And this certainly should lead to the idea that the physical, sexual part of your relationship should not lose strength or fade completely. In fact, this period in your life may be the best. 

To start, let's look at two factors that are extremely important for maintaining passion: longevity and a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks in part to the aforementioned technological breakthroughs, people live much longer than before. According to a 2001 report by the US National Institute on Aging in many countries, the proportion of people eighty and older in the population showed the fastest growth. 

In the United States, for example, life expectancy has increased from about fifty years at the beginning of the twentieth century to almost eighty today. This means a lot more years in marriage or cohabitation, and who wants to spend these years just looking at each other?

Along with longevity, we, for the most part, also began to live better. Thanks to open access to health information, research on the nutritional value of foods, diseases, and aging in general, many people live healthier and more energetic lives. 

This is especially noticeable over the years, as people who regularly engage in physical education and eat balanced meals do not give up until they are old. And, of course, those who feel good and look great are more likely to remain physically active for many years after retirement.

So, we know why sex and sexuality should play an important role in our lives even with age. But how to maintain the fire of passion, despite the difficulties that tend to accompany the aging process?

Provided that we are discussing situations that exclude significant physical abnormalities or health problems, let's take a look at the most common factors that negatively affect sexual satisfaction in age.

The spirit is cheerful, but the flesh is weak.

old couple drawing sign

Such a state happens due to a number of reasons, both physical and psychological in nature, but a patient and loving partner can overcome it. 

For men, in general, healthy, but struggling with attacks of erectile dysfunction, there are various means of help that can support the process of making love. 

For example, there are strapons of various sizes, colors and shapes, which are ideal for men who are unable to maintain an erection or do not have it at all, but still want to make love to their woman in a good old way.

If you want to experiment, remember that a partner can be satisfied with the hands and mouth, as well as little helpers powered by batteries or mains. 

Although for some people this side of sex may be new and strange, it is a great way to revitalize personal life and enrich the sexual experience of a partner. If it is too difficult for you to choose a toy on your own, discuss this issue with your soulmate and try to describe what, in your opinion, your vibrating friend should do, and this will certainly help narrow the circle of choice. 

Also remember that it is not necessary to choose any technically sophisticated toys, sometimes the simpler the better.

As a rule, for healthy adult women, the main physical factors that impede the full pleasure of sexual intercourse is a decrease in the volume of vaginal lubrication, and an increase in the period of time required to achieve orgasm. Obviously, the hydration problem is quite simple to overcome, because in a wide range of lubricants  there will always be one that suits you and your partner best.

If it takes you a lot of time to reach the heights of orgasm, this is not always bad. This feature means more intimacy with a partner, more touches, kisses and foreplay. But if you feel that the partner is not configured for a long foreplay, or you yourself want quick sex, again you can turn to vibrators for help

They really suit people of all ages!

Although menopause can significantly contribute to the appearance of the above difficulties, it does not mean an automatic loss of libido. 

In fact, studies have shown that many women continue to enjoy sex for a long time after the onset of menopause, because they can not be afraid of an unwanted pregnancy and they no longer need to plan sex depending on the menstrual cycle. 

Therefore, you should not think that personal life ends with hormonal restructuring of the body, you just enter a new and wonderful stage of life!

Lack of partner

The bitter truth is that the longer you live, the more chances you have to survive your soulmate and friends, and therefore many people stop receiving carnal pleasure simply because they have no one to have sex with. However, the loss of a partner at sixty, seventy or even eighty years does not mean the end for someone whose life goes on. 

Thanks to various support programs for retirees, including those living in a nursing home, there are many ways to meet new people. Active elderly people can take part in excursions, lectures, any public or sports events, where there is always a chance to meet an interesting person. 

And although new communication may cause concern or even guilt over the desire to leave the past behind, it is also a big step forward.

Feelings of guilt

Many older couples believe that it is wrong to experience sexual impulses and desires after a certain age. 

Partly due to the negative reaction of some people to the feeling of affection experienced by hand-holding elderly couples, many people in their age believe that, wanting sexual intimacy with another person, they create an image of an old lascivious or lecherous woman. 

Until you start kissing or hugging each other too openly in public (to be honest, you don’t want to see this from people of any age), the desire for intimacy is absolutely normal.

Studies have shown that the need and desire to have sex decreases only slightly over the years, the ability of men and women to achieve orgasm can last forever. 

Simply put, while you and your partner find each other attractive and want to continue to satisfy your sexual needs, there is no reason to artificially pacify the fire of passion.

This, of course, is somewhat rounded, given the complexity and certain delicacy of the subject. There are many other factors that can cause changes in sexual activity at any age, such as deeper psychological difficulties, health problems, or the sudden onset of physical disability. 

Of course, with any questions regarding health and physical condition should contact your therapist.

So, we hope that we have at least in general terms made you understand what the process of aging in terms of sexuality means. 

This is far from the end, but in many senses is just the beginning of something new and interesting! Whatever it is - a renewal of intimacy with long-standing love or a relationship with a completely new partner, sex and sex will last as long as you want, and this is exactly what we all strive for.

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