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What are menstrual cups and how to use them?

What are menstrual cups and how to use them?

Now everyone is talking about menstrual cups. What is a menstrual cup, what are its features and why does everyone talk so much about them?


Menstrual cup


Menstrual burls are a new hygiene product for women. It is used during menstruation, instead of tampons. 

Menstrual cups look like flexible silicone cups, usually with a ponytail at the end for easy removal. 

A denser ring at the end opens inside and holds the bowl in position.

All secretions are collected in a bowl, so that with its timely change you will no longer need any other hygiene products. 

With the bowl you can move freely, wear your favorite clothes and underwear, go to the pool and the sea - the water will not come into contact with the cervix, which reduces the risk of infection.


  • Unlike pads and tampons, it is hygienic, reusable, environmentally friendly and always at hand. What is a menstrual cup? This is a concern for the environment. Once bought it can be used for up to 10 years.
  • Good menstrual cups are made of medical silicone. It does not cause allergies or irritation of the mucosa. Unlike tampons, which are made using aggressive bleaching agents, and pads that can cause irritation to the skin.
  • Unlike tampons, the cup does not absorb anything in itself, leaving the vaginal mucosa moisturized and protected. All discharges are simply collected in a container, which is then emptied. Tampons dry the mucous membrane, absorbing not only the menstrual blood, but also the protective mucous layer.
  • The vaginal mucosa does not come into contact with the menstrual blood, as when using tampons. An ideal situation for the body is when the menstrual blood comes out freely, but if you compare the cups and tampons, the cup is definitely more hygienic for the body.
  • A bowl holds much more fluid than a swab or pad. So, you can be sure of the cleanliness of your clothes. In addition, when using the bowl there is no unpleasant odor. The bowl allows you to track the amount and condition of your secretions.



Bowls differ not only in color and size, but also in shape. 

Of course, you need to choose only silicone bowls, so as not to get allergic to low-quality material. 

What is a flexible ponytail menstrual cup? This is a can with a flexible cord, so you can easily "catch" the bowl and pull it out. 

There are bowls without tails that can be pulled out from the bottom of the bowl. 

Bowls with a funnel shape are usually slightly longer than bowls with a more rounded shape. 

The shape of the fixing rim also differs - it can be round, or slightly inclined, anatomical in shape.

There are also hygiene kits from mouth guards and shower heads. What is a menstrual cup with a hygienic shower? 

This is an ordinary cup plus a silicone curved nozzle that is worn on a bottle of water, for a more convenient change of the cup outside the house, for example, in the toilet cubicle at work. 

Just wind the nozzle over the neck of a bottle of water, and you have a convenient shower for intimate hygiene with you.

Consult your gynecologist to see if your menstrual cups (like hygienic tampons) are right for you, as well as know your features.


You can choose your ideal bowl shape given the volume of secretions, as well as the features of your anatomy. 

Small-sized bowls are suitable for those who do not have very plentiful periods, and L-sized bowls will be more convenient if you have copious discharge.

Also, small menstrual cups are better suited for nulliparous women with a small volume of vagina.

Also, small-length mouthguards are suitable for girls with a low cervix. 

Longer bowls will be more comfortable for girls with a high cervix. How to check its location? 

Insert a clean finger into the vagina and feel for the neck - it will be something rounded, with a hole in the middle. 

If you could find it at a depth of 1-2 phalanx - it means the neck is low, and you should use small bowls, otherwise the tip of the bowl will interfere with you, remaining outside. 

If the cervix at a depth of more than 2 phalanges of the finger, or you could not find it at all, bowls with a longer length will suit you, since it will be inconvenient for you to find and remove a short one.

It is important to understand roughly the size of the cervix so that the width of the cup is slightly wider than the cervix itself. 

If the bowl ring can tightly clasp the neck, it will not be very comfortable for you to take out the bowl, since it will be firmly fixed to the neck. 

Therefore, with a low location of the cervix, it is better to choose short and wider bowls.

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Wash your hands and cup thoroughly before use. 

Double it, flattening the ring, and bend the letter C. If necessary, you can add a drop of grease. 

Insert the folded mouthguard inward and release, allowing it to open. It is not necessary to enter it too deeply, but it is important that its lower edge is completely hidden in the vagina. 

If the tail looks out, you can try to push the bowl up a little, or cut the tail itself. Do not leave the tail of the bowl outside; when walking, it will cause you discomfort and irritate the delicate mucous membrane.

You can experiment with the most convenient positions. 

Usually, the same positions are suitable for you as with the introduction of a tampon.

After the introduction, check with your finger if the bowl has opened. With the correct installation of the menstrual mouthguard, it is completely not felt by you when moving, is not visible and does not leak.



Wash your hands with soap. Pull out and down the tail of the bowl. 

Be attentive to your feelings - you should be comfortable! 

The bowl, opening inside after the introduction, forms a kind of vacuum, sticking to the walls of the vagina. For easy extraction, you need to break this vacuum in the bowl by gently squeezing the tip of the bowl and pulling it down.

If the bowl cannot be removed on the first attempt, change position.

It’s most convenient for many to remove the mouthguard while sitting over the toilet with their legs wide apart - so you will definitely not spill anything. 

Also in the seated position, the bowl is slightly shifted down, which means it is more convenient to grab and remove. 

Relax and relax your intimate muscles. Believe that you can definitely pull out the bowl, it will not go anywhere.

To make the bowl, which is securely fixed on the walls of the vagina, easier to remove, press the edges of the bowl closer to the ring, trying to bend it into the same position in which you entered it. 

So you can take it out easier. Pull the bowl not strictly down, but slightly tilting it one of the edges down diagonally.

After removing the bowl, pour the contents into the toilet bowl, process the bowl and you can use it again.


Hygiene when using menstrual cups is incredibly important. 

Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap before using the bowl. Before the first use of the menstrual cup, wash it with soap and boil for 3-5 minutes. 

Before each use, wash the bowl thoroughly in running water with soap and be sure to rinse well. Treat with an alcohol-free antiseptic and rinse with water.

If you need to use the bowl outside the house, bring a water bottle, napkins and antibacterial spray with you to the toilet cubicle . 

Before use, remove the bowl from the clean storage bag that comes with the kit, treat it with an antiseptic and rinse with water after 1-2 minutes. 

After removing the bowl, pour the contents into the toilet bowl, wipe the bowl with napkins, rinse with water, treat with an antiseptic and rinse with water after 1-2 minutes and use again.

After menstruation, wash the bowl in warm water with soap and be sure to boil for 3-5 minutes, as with the first use.

Always thoroughly handle the cup after  period so that it is kept clean and safe.
Keep the bowl in a bag, separate from creams, oils, cosmetics and lubricants, away from heat and open sunlight. 

With proper hygiene and care, one bowl can be used for up to 10 years in a row! So what is a menstrual cup? It is your comfort in THESE days!


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