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What are vaginal balls and why women buy them?

What are vaginal balls and why women buy them?

The history of the emergence of vaginal balls

Vaginal balls  have a thousand-year history - the use of this type of female simulator came to us from Asia.

Vaginal orgasm balls

It is believed that Tibet is considered the birthplace of vaginal balls. Even 3,000 years ago, Tibetan monks taught girls using such a simple device, and turned them into real priestesses of love.

Vaginal balls were used to develop the sexuality of women in ancient China. Chinese women for centuries, in Taoist sexual practices used jade egg. 

By the way, the secret effect of trained vaginal muscles was discovered there - women who performed a set of training noticed that classes not only promote the sexual development of their body, but also significantly improve their appearance, rejuvenate the body and maintain their health in general.

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Only the upper layers of the close associates of the Chinese emperor - the empress, imperial concubines, wives and mistresses of high-ranking Chinese dignitaries - could pass training with vaginal balls. 

Practiced these methods in order to bring maximum pleasure to senior men during lovemaking.

But not only in China they knew about a wonderful female simulator. Thus, European anthropological researchers recorded the use of rin-no-tama (as this simulator was called in ancient times) for allegedly female masturbation, back in Japan at the end of the 19th century.

From history, remember all the famous Japanese geishas, ​​who are still considered the most artificial and coveted lovers. Their whole secret was hidden in the passage of special training with vaginal balls, as a result of which their vaginal muscles were developed, they gave the man extraordinary pleasure due to the internal capture of the vagina and voluptuous crimping of the penis during intercourse.

Even at an advanced age, women who mastered this technique retained the same elastic and generous genitalia in love over the years as they did in young years.

Japanese poetry confirms both the ancient origin of the device and the Chinese origin of the word “rin-no-tama” - which means “jingle bells”.

In those ancient times, vaginal balls were very different from those we see today. For example, balls known as Ben Wa in Japan - were made of metal or ivory and were inserted into the vagina only during intercourse to enhance the pleasure of a man.

In ancient Asia, from Thailand to China, balls were used to achieve orgasm or as a prelude - they were a kind of glass or stone beads that were filled with mercury. Mercury rolled inside the balls, creating stimulating movements and causing contraction, and the muscles of the vagina held them.

But the most popular and exquisite were balls made from rocks of natural stones. So in Asia until today, jade eggs are popular, which served as a simulator.

Modern balls they are absolutely safe for health - they have no toxic impurities and are made of various materials: plastic , gel, medical silicone , metal  glass and eco-plastic (ABS plastic), and metal and plastic constructions are used instead of mercury.

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15 facts about vaginal muscles that make it clear - why do women buy vaginal balls?

It has long been no secret that a woman, during vaginal sex, experiences maximum pleasure exclusively from the contact of the penis with the walls of her vagina, since they have nerve endings, and the likelihood and brightness of a female orgasm directly depends on how tight these nerve endings are pressed against the penis.

In turn, getting pleasure from a man during sex will be maximized only if, during intercourse, the walls of the vagina tightly “hug” his genitals.

The density of contact between the penis and the vagina depends on muscle training on the eve of the vagina and the vagina itself. So, trained vaginal muscles can very tightly grip the penis, and thus exert significant pressure on the erogenous zones of the entire vaginal space at the same time, and this is very important, since the female orgasm depends on the intimate muscles.

Here are some interesting facts:

1. The muscles of the pelvic floor, in other words, the muscles of the vagina or the pubic-coccygeal muscle (LC muscle) - act like a hammock, extending in the lower part of the pelvis between the pubic bone and the coccyx. They hold all of the woman’s pelvic organs, bladder, uterus, and rectum.

2. A woman can independently check her muscle tone by inserting her fingers into the vagina. If the tension of the vaginal muscles leaves a sensation that a thin strip squeezes the fingers, then the weakened LK muscle is highly likely, but if the muscles compress the fingers like a wide elastic, then you are probably in good shape.

3. Many women for the first time were able to experience an orgasm, only after exercise with vaginal balls.

4. Catching balls for only 5 weeks, performing exercises 3 times a day, 5 minutes each — the woman’s vaginal muscle gains better tone and her partner will be able to feel the unusual density of her penis.

5. You can wear vaginal balls all day and every day.

6. In everyday life, the muscles of the pelvic floor are practically not involved, so over time (especially after childbirth) they lose their elasticity. This can lead to the fact that the muscles simply cease to cope with the main function - maintaining the pelvic organs. This can lead to various diseases, as well as to a deterioration in the sexual life of both partners.

7. According to research statistics, one out of three women has problems with weakened pelvic muscles as a result of stress urinary incontinence, the onset of menopause, after childbirth or as a result of constant active sexual intercourse.

8. The vaginal muscles are directly responsible for the woman’s ability to have an orgasm, as well as for pleasure during sex.

9. During childbirth, thanks to the vaginal muscles, the baby is moving towards the exit, and the ability to control these muscles facilitates the course of the birth process.

10. After the birth of the baby, the muscle walls of the vagina, which previously succumbed to training, will soon return to tone and restore the elasticity of the vagina to its original size, since trained muscles acquire elasticity faster.

11. Supporting a woman’s vaginal muscles healthy and strong is the prevention of many diseases, as well as the avoidance of congestion, which is the prevention of many women's problems and diseases, and also significantly improves the woman’s appearance, rejuvenates her body and maintains her overall health.

12. Women over the age who have mastered this technique before, retain the same elastic and generous genitalia in love over the years as they did in young years.

13. Through training, the risk of lowering the walls of the vagina and further prolapse of the uterus at an older age is reduced.

14. Both partners will NOT be able to experience vivid sensations during sexual intercourse if the female muscles of the vestibule and vagina lose elasticity, which happens after childbirth or due to age.

15. Those who practice such spiritual traditions as Tantra and Chinese Taoism say that balls are a useful tool to control and explore the sensory side of a person.

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