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What are vibrators and why were vibrators invented?

What are vibrators and why were vibrators invented?

What are vibrators and what are they for.

The first vibrator was created in 1880 by a British doctor. This vibrator model was very similar to those vibrators that we can now see by going to sexshop online . 

But despite this similarity, this invention was not used to achieve orgasm by women, but as a muscle massager. However, soon the technology was easily adapted to the needs of intimate comforts.

First vibrators used exclusively to stimulate women and to simplify their orgasm. 

This was classified solely as a treatment procedure. This continued until the 1920s, after which vibrators began to be associated in the population with pornography and sexual entertainment. 

Vibrator Sex toy

But they continued to be sold in stores only as a means for women's health throughout the 40s and 50s. And only during the great sexual revolution of the 60-70s they began to be treated directly as toys for intimate entertainment.

Now vibrators are the most popular products, they are in the highest demand among visitors to sex shops. All vibrator movements are created by a small electrical mechanism inside the vibrator itself. On battery-powered vibrators, small motors with a loose center of mass are not available. 

During rotation, this motor creates vibrations. The larger models, to which the additional module is connected, have more powerful motors, some models use the rotation of electromagnetic coils to create movement - they create less noise during operation and are more durable in operation.

In any sex shop you can find this unpretentious device, which at one time created a breakthrough in the sex industry of the whole world.

What are the vibrators.

Vibrators in the bulk are classical (ordinary smooth vibrators) and realistic. Vibrators cause excitement through movement, vibration or pulsation. 

Realistic vibrators (realistic) is a complete copy of a man’s penis (usually based on a cast from a member of a pornstar). Most vibrators have batteries that drive a vibrating mechanism. High strength smooth plastic vibrators can be equipped with nozzles. In the assortment of sex shops, there are both small ones, 10-12 cm, and giants of 30-35 cm and a diameter of more than 5 cm.


Vibrators can be made of various materials, the most common vibrators are plastic, these are the cheapest models. Latex vibrators and gel vibrators are more like skin, but are still far from it. 

And, finally, the most realistic material designs are cyber leather vibrators. They are almost indistinguishable from real skin to the touch.

Some vibrators are equipped with a suction cup - this will help to fix it on a flat surface (for example, tiles in the bathroom).

In terms of functionality, vibrators can be designed for anal and (or) vaginal, clitoral stimulation, as well as for stimulation of the G-Spot. Many vibrators can exert effect on several zones simultaneously.

How to use vibrators.

Before the first use or before transferring the vibrator to another person, it should be treated with an antiseptic (by any means, gel or lubricant that have an antiseptic effect), and also washed with soap.

Do not rinse the vibrator with boiling water for the purpose of disinfection - this can damage the vibrator material.

Most manufacturers indicate on the packaging whether the vibrator can be used in water or not. 

Also, if the vibrator is waterproof, this should be indicated on the website in the description in addition to the indication on the package. If you doubt whether your vibrator can work in water, it is better not to tempt fate. 

Otherwise, you may receive an electric shock, and the vibrator will fail permanently and irrevocably. To use the vibrator in water, we strongly recommend that you purchase a waterproof model, the cost of such models is not much different from ordinary vibrators.

If you use your vibrator individually, then you can use it without a condom, but we also recommend using a condom to extend the life and keep the vibrator clean and hygienic. 

If you intend to use the vibrator in conjunction with your sexual partner, then be sure to wear a condom every time you pass it to each other, this will protect you from sexually transmitted diseases and other troubles. 

If you use a vibrator for vaginal stimulation and anal stimulation, then every time you need to put on a new condom to avoid infection in the vagina and mucous membranes;

To eliminate unpleasant sensations, we recommend using intimate lubricants with vibrators. The type of lubricant used depends on the material of which the vibrator shell is made. 

You can use water-based lubricants with all vibrators, they are absolutely safe. We strongly do not recommend the use of oil-based lubricants with vibrators made of rubber, latex. 

It is also not recommended to use silicone intimate lubricant with silicone vibrators (although there are exceptions - consult our manager about this issue). Some types of water-based lubricants may cause slight irritation in the vagina, to check the reaction, we recommend applying a small amount of lubricant to the sensitive area of ​​the skin - inside the elbow or on the inside of the thigh.

Vibrator condom

Proper care and storage of vibrators.

For long-term storage and use of vibrators, you need to follow a few simple rules that you can remember without much difficulty.

You need to store the vibrator in a clean and safe place, it can be a wardrobe, a drawer for clothes ... First of all, make sure an unauthorized person didn’t stumble upon it, otherwise you may find yourself in a stupid situation and tell fables that “they threw this weapon at me” :)

You can also use closing containers for storage, you can wrap the vibrator in a towel or a T-shirt. For long-term storage, be sure to remove the batteries or accumulators from the vibrator - this increases the service life of the vibrator itself and also prevents the possibility of unauthorized switching on;

To clean the vibrator, it is enough to wash it under warm water and soap. Attention! Before cleaning the vibrator, remove the batteries and close the battery compartment. 

If it is an electric vibrator, do not forget to unplug it. If your vibrator is not waterproof, avoid getting water in the battery compartment or in the controls. If your vibrator comes with nozzles or other removable parts, they must be washed separately. 

After you wash the vibrator, you need to wipe it dry, do not use paper towels or paper towels for cleaning, fibers may remain from them;

In order to extend the period of comfortable operation of the vibrator, it is recommended to treat it with talcum powder every time after you wash and dry it. Talcum can be purchased at any pharmacy.

If something irreparable happened and your favorite vibrator breaks down - do not try to repair it, at the moment almost all models of vibrators cannot be repaired, their cost is so low that it’s easier for you to buy a new vibrator, especially since a faulty vibrator can cause injuries.

Do not experiment with your health!

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