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What does clitoris look like and where to find it?

What does clitoris look like and where to find it?

There is an opinion that the title of the most mysterious areas of the female body is credited for the great and mighty G-Spot . 

But is it? What do you know, for example, about the clitoris? Is everything so clear as it seems at first glance? 

Yes, many people know about such an intimate area of ​​the female body. Most even have a rough idea of ​​where it is located and, possibly, how it looks. 

Many imagine the clitoris as a tiny little pimp or button, by pressing it you will open all the doors to orgasmic travel. 

But with 100 percent certainty, 90 percent of all men will not be able to indicate it. What can we say about the fact that not everyone can find it from the first or even the second time.

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The halo of mystery around the clitoris is also expanding through the realization that for many centuries and years medicine knew nothing was about this female highlight. 

There are many references to the penis, the structure of the male organ, purpose, functions, and even numerous surgical operations on the penis, and there is absolute silence about the female clitoris. 

Scientists managed to clarify the situation about the clitoris only in the last century and got all the information about the structure of the clitoris - only in 2005, and made the first 3D model of the structure - in 2009. To live so many millennia with an amazing particle that opens a bright path to real pleasure and not to know about it. 

Blasphemy, no less. Fortunately, now we live in a time of advanced technology, when you can get more information about your body and even about such small, piquant features that are deeply and reliably hidden from prying eyes. 

And in order to know more about the clitoris and by chance during an intellectual conversation to share the knowledge gained with your friends, we present you some interesting facts about the clitoris, which you would't even guessed about. 


1. The clitoris is bigger than you think. If you think that the clitoris is the smallest point of passion, a little pimp of pleasure, a deep-sea pearl and a precious bead of pleasure, then you are mistaken.

More precisely, what you're able to see with your eyes and feel after numerous unsuccessful attempts to search for this crumbs is just the tip of the iceberg. The root of all this pleasure lies deep in the female body. 

The clitoris is not a tiny pea in the upper part of the labia. What is outside is called the clitoris head. 

But it’s not so simple, because this very sensitive head is protected by the foreskin, the so-called “hood”. 

In addition to the head, the clitoris has it's main body with legs, which is located inside the female pelvis. 

The clitoris body diverges into two cavernous corpuscles in the form of legs. With these legs, the clitoris grasps and thus hugs the front of the vagina. 

During excitement, cavernous bodies are filled with blood and even more intensively wrap around the vagina on both sides. 

For a better understanding and a general picture in your head, it looks like a clitoris rider, who sits astride the vagina, hanging its cavernous legs. This is exactly the area where they touch. 

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2. Size does not matter. The fact that the clitoris is not a pea at all, we figured out. 

To prove this, we will give you the numbers. Together with the head and the entire internal part, the clitoris reaches from 8 to 20 cm.

The external head can have sizes from 4 mm to 1 cm. The size of the clitoris directly depends on genetics and the level of sex hormones. 

Hormonal imbalance or the use of steroids can also affect it. The size of the clitoris of each woman is individual. 

Like any other organ or body part, each person has it's own size, which may not coincide with the dimensions of other people. 

There are no identical organs, just like there is no clitors of the same size. More precisely, there is no specific standard that confirms where the norm is, and where is the deviation. 

Any length of the clitoris is considered normal for a particular person. Clit size does not affect the quality of sexual desire, activity, and arousal. In this highlight of the female body, size is not important at all, but its sensitivity. Oh yes, and, of course, the ability to use it.


3. The location of the clitoris affects the orgasm. Orgasm is a phenomenon that everyone has heard about, but not everyone has experienced. 

About 50-70% women need additional clitoral stimulation during sex to achieve orgasm. This suggests that doing exclusively vaginal sex, they simply do not come to the final point of pleasure. 

Much depends on the location of the clitoris. According to studies, the closer the clitoris is to the entrance to the vagina, the higher the chance of orgasm. 

If the clitoris is located less than 2.5 cm from the entrance, then additional penetration of the clitoris will be performed during penetration and frictions. 

The further the clitoris is from the vagina, the less interaction with nerve tissues and the more difficult to achieve orgasm. The path to the heart of orgasm lies through his clitoris. 

4. Almost a member, but only a clitoris. Judging by the anatomical features of the clitoris, it is very similar to the male penis. What unites them? 

  • Both the clitoris and penis have the most sensitive part - the head. The only significant difference is that in the battle for sensitivity, the clitoris head will definitely win here. The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings, as opposed to 4,000 in the head of the penis. Despite the significantly smaller size, a female pearl allows ladies to experience much more pleasure than their partner does. 
  • Just like the penis, the clitoris hides behind the hood, which is the foreskin. In women, perhaps, the foreskin plays a more significant role, because sensitivity depends on its size. Owners of a minor hood and open clitoris can experience pain during stimulation, since this erogenous zone is so sensitive that even slight touches can be very noticeable. If the patch of skin above the clitoris is too large and dense, then the woman may not even experience the desired sensations. As in everything else, the most ideal option is the golden mean. But as they say, the clitoris is not chosen ... In any case, this is not considered any pathology or violation. With the first option, you just need to carefully and reverently interact with the clitoris, so as not to hurt and not overdo it with intense caresses. The second option is easily fixable, through surgical intervention. In the case of a large protective hood, which brings discomfort or vice versa does not bring absolutely any desired sensory effects, the achievements of modern medicine will come to your aid. Excess skin, which prevents pleasure, is simply removed using special tools. A procedure like male circumcision is also a unifying feature of the male penis and female clitoris. 
  • The clitoris also has an erection. Yes, the clitoris, like the penis, increases in size during arousal. And it's not a joke. Excitation in women also causes blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the clitoris, as this, in fact, occurs in men, and therefore the clitoris naturally swells and increases in size. The erect clitoris may not change in size at all, but may increase up to three times. In an excited state it is much easier to find  than in a state of complete calm. The only difference is that the female clitoris comes into a state of arousal slightly slower. To do this, he will need about 30 seconds, or even more, sensory stimulation. After reaching orgasm, the clitoris returns to its previous size. 




5. The clitoris has only one purpose. The female clitoris is an organ that does not take part in procreation, has no relation to reproductive function, does not participate in the process of urination and generally does not care about anything. 

This is an absolutely carefree organ of the female body, which is responsible exclusively for pleasure. He no longer has any functions, except to give pleasure and sensual joy to women. The clitoris is the key that opens the door to the secret room of female pleasure and orgasmic pleasure. 

6. The clitoris is a growing organism. The clitoris has the ability to grow all your life and, what is noteworthy, not age. The process of growth of the clitoris throughout life is facilitated by hormonal changes in the female body. 

Since the puberty, the clitoris begins to change and increase in size. According to research data, by the age of 32, the female clitoris will be 4 times larger than during the puberty period. 

But the path of the growing organism does not end there. When a woman faces a period of menopause, her clitoris can reach sizes 7 times larger than it was before. But don't be afraid of such growth, because, as we said earlier, most of the clitoris is located inside, and not outside. Therefore, it is very likely that you will not notice any special changes in length.

As for aging, the clitoris is, as they say, forever young. 

Yes, perhaps you will not be able to observe its external changes over time, but what you can always be sure of is its only and main function. 

This piquant zest of the female body will bring you pleasure at least at 20, 50 or 100 years. 

The clitoris has been, is and always will be sensitive. So, if you want to experience a clitoral orgasm on your hundredth anniversary, then believe me, this desire is quite feasible and real. Act and enjoy, because it was for this purpose that the wonderful clitoris was given to women.

7. In close friendship with the cycle. The menstrual cycle in women's life is an important thing. 

Many processes and changes in the body are associated with it. Clitoral sensitivity is no exception. 

According to the results of studies, scientists found that it is on the 14th day of the cycle, which, moreover, falls on the ovulation period, the clitoris sensitivity increases by 20%. Thus, it is in this period of time that women can experience more vivid orgasms than on any other day. 


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