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What sex toys to take when traveling?

What sex toys to take when traveling?

Are you planning a vacation? If you plan to spend a romantic weekend in the country or go on a business trip, then any of these trips will be more fun with sex toys. And other things that add piquancy.

Before you start stuffing your vibrators  in a suitcase in the bustle , know that you need to transport your favorite toys correctly.

Travel beach

If you flew by plane, then you know that security services at airports are becoming stricter, so you need to do everything according to the rules. The baggage is X-ray checked, it is not inspected manually, so you should take the smallest and simplest toy that will not resemble a weapon. In addition, you must not forget about the restrictions on liquids, otherwise you may have problems with the transport of lubricant  or even shampoo. But if you follow all the recommendations, then you will go through the inspection quickly and painlessly.

You can’t do without them, because you are unlikely to want to spoil your mood when you discover upon arrival that you still need to buy them somewhere. But it is better to put them separately, and not leave them in a vibrator. And the thing is not only that an incomprehensible object with batteries will look strange in the search, batteries may not be new, leak and spoil your toy and other things. Ideally, they should be transported in the original packaging, but at worst you can put them in a separate bag or even a sock.

Lubricants  and other fluids 
Liquids can be carried into the aircraft cabin in small quantities, although sometimes they can even be confiscated. To avoid this, most airports advise you to carry them in your luggage, rather than taking them with you. You can also take wet wipes on the trip.for cleaning toys .

If you want to bring something that might spill with you, you should take a new, unpacked package of this liquid and put it in a separate, well-closing bag.

General recommendations
Even if you packed everything correctly, you may be asked to show your luggage, but do not panic. The inspection service may ask about what will confuse you, or you can tell yourself about what you are carrying. But the task of security services is to look for potentially dangerous things, and sex toys are not included in their area of ​​competence.

What to take
Now that you know how to pack toys, you can think about what will be more convenient to take on a trip. Remember that the smaller and nondescript the item, the less it will cause interest in the inspection service. You don’t want to blush when standing in front of strangers when they pull out the entire collection of dildos from your bag .

Of course, it all depends on where you are going. If you are going on a beach holiday or where there will be a lot of water, then you need to take at least one waterproof toy  and waterproof grease . Going on a romantic getaway or honeymoon? Then you will need something for sensual massage . Below are some ideas for different vacation options.

Beach holiday
The OVO W2  is suitable for him - a simple but powerful, waterproof and very compact mini vibrator. You can also take PicoBong Honi with you  - a waterproof bullet vibrator with a convenient finger loop that helps you not to lose the toy in the water. Both models are suitable for point stimulation, and they are also small in size, and therefore with them you will not attract prying eyes. An added plus of waterproof toys is that they are easy to clean.

Romantic journey
You can take a special travel kit into it, full of everything a little , which will save you from having to drag large bottles of oil with you.

If you are thinking about something vibrating, then you should think about a toy with a remote control. She will make even the most mundane activities erotic, just remember to restrain yourself from being in public with her.

Business trip
On business trips, which are usually boring, it is better to grab something small and not necessarily looking like a standard sex toy, something that you can carry with you in your wallet or briefcase.

If you need something completely inconspicuous, then you can try a vibrator in the form of lipstick . It looks exactly like a real tube, so even if it falls out of your purse in the middle of a meeting, no one will understand anything.

Of course, we did not describe all the travel options, but tried to give ideas from which you can start. With a lack of space, you can stop at very small multi-tasking toys, for example, waterproof and conventional vibro-bullets . All simple and small models are suitable, the purpose of which you can not guess right away. Here are some more options:

I rub my duckie sex toy

 Hello Touch Finger Vibrator  - a classic finger vibrator, cute and comfortable;
 Tantric Nirvana  - red curved vibrator, suitable for travel due to its compactness and waterproofness;3
 I Rub My Duckie Paris  - a cute vibrator made in the form of ducks for swimming.

And the last tip - don't be afraid. It all looks complicated, and halfway through you can change your mind, but don't. Toys will make any vacation special, and they are ideal for relieving stress after a difficult flight or boring activities. Therefore, read the rules of your carrier, pack your bags according to his requirements, do not forget to put a vibrator , and upon return you will not regret it.


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