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Why do men adore bad girls ?

Why do men adore bad girls ?

It’s no secret that men are fascinated by naughty women. But the reasons may surprise you, maybe even shock you.



1. Being with a bad guy, a man rejoices in greater freedom of action: If he has had countless partners in the past - no problem, she does too; if a man gets in trouble  with his friends and finds himself in custody - nothing terrible, because it happened to her too ...

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2. A bad girl will never blame her for the pathetically failed tattoo she advised her to do when she felt completely exhausted.

3. Guys are convinced that all the bad girls in bed are just amazing! And even if the one he had to face was not like that - he is so sure of everyone else that he will convince himself of this as well.

4. Bad guys usually wear sexier clothes and shoes.

5. If she is a real bad girl, it means she has many of the same naughty friends that a man will be happy to introduce to his friends. And these will buy him drinks all night for that!

6. Yes, the arguments are appalling. But just thinking about fierce, dirty sex causes excitement. This is shockingly impressive for men!

Girl woman7. If a man tells the evil one "God, how wonderful is your ... (some part of the body)", she will not gnaw, will not start to shyly giggle, and will sexually move that part of the body and start to seduce even more.

8. The bad guys never blame why the guy dropped the socks on the floor by the bed instead of putting them in a basket with a lid. She's just too busy ripping other clothes from him to pay attention to the socks ...

9. That fantasy that needs handcuffs, a lot of skin, a whip ... The bad guy will definitely want to try everything at least!



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