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Why do we need sex dolls?

Why do we need sex dolls?

In this short review, we will introduce you to this type of sex toy such as sex dolls. Why is this type of erotic product used and what useful functions do they contain?

Why do we need sex dolls

Of course, I would like to dwell on the educational function - it’s not hard to imagine us a few years ago: the lack of information about sex, about the types of sexual poses, about the intimate preferences of the second half made us far unsightly potential sexual partners, which gave rise to isolation in oneself, stiffness at the first and subsequent intimacy, someone even had unsuccessful attempts in the first sexual intercourse.

Sex doll

The first reason for this is sexual ignorance and the inability to learn more about the partner’s body, learn how to caress him, try different poses. 

The second reason is the high expectations of intimacy with a partner. What happened due to the second reason? A woman at the moment of her first intimacy herself expects more active actions from her partner and is ready to be a student in lovemaking, accordingly, she perceives the first sexual intercourse as the basis for further actions, not expecting the best. 

Thus, mutual dissatisfaction, due to high expectations, leads to a weakening desire for further intimacy.

We can tell you frankly that if the first partner you had was an experienced woman, you were incredibly lucky. 

The rest of the male population had to gain sexual experience over the years, studying the secrets of female desires.

However, progress does not stand still, and sex dolls have been specially developed by the leading companies in the production of intimate toys, the structure of which exactly simulates all forms of the female body, without avoiding aesthetic aspects such as pubic hairs, tender and supple nipples , sensual eyes and lips, silky hair. 

The realism of the body structure of the doll will allow you to explore the most hidden caches of the female body, after which you will become more confident in yourself and will be able to amaze even the most sophisticated partner.

I would also not want to bypass the doll’s training function, which allows you to easily learn to regulate your sexual abilities in practice: increase the number and speed of frictions per sexual intercourse, delay ejaculation, choose the most suitable posture for you, and the ability to combine several poses for 1 sexual intercourse without interruption. 

Doll building sex shop

Believe me, your work will be appreciated and bring you unforgettable pleasure.

I would also like to note some fans of sex dolls who not only cannot imagine the process of taking a bath without their favorite toy, but also cannot fall asleep in bed without hugging the doll. 

Over time, a sex toy turns into an indispensable attribute of everyday life, acquires a name and brings joy to the owner with ease of care, compactness, the ability to travel with him without taking up enormous space in a suitcase.

Anatomical features of the structure of the dolls

Height from 165 cm in height;
Imitators of the mammary glands, mouth, vagina and anus are located in the doll’s body;

1.Vibrating mechanisms are built-in according to your desire, depending on the model, in various types of simulators, controlled by built-in or remote controllers.
2.The ability to bend / unbend arms, legs
3.Some models are equipped with a camera to fill with water, which will give special sex doll flexibility
4.The material of manufacture is polymer or latex.

Today, sex dolls can solve a lot of problems that were imposed by society - adultery, a thirst for something unknown, a physical limitation of a person’s abilities, age-related problems without harming your beloved half. 

And, perhaps, she will even appreciate a pleasant innovation in your sex life.

Particularly popular are sex dolls that copy pop stars and movies. And who did not dream of breathtaking sex with a Hollywood super-star or with a famous singer? 

Each bend of the body of your beloved star is thoroughly honed in the doll and the shapes and sizes are perfectly matched. True, the price of such dolls is much higher than usual.

And finally ...

Parting words for those to whom the doll will become a temporary or even indispensable companion - remember, she never has a headache, you do not depend on her “female cycles”, she does not require expensive gifts, flowers and serenades at midnight under the balcony, she Don't be naughty and don't make you guilty of everything. She just gives you pleasure and does not require anything in return ...

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