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Why you need a lubricant for sex? 10 Reasons.

Why you need a lubricant for sex? 10 Reasons.

Make no mistake - many people would say that the job of lubricants is to moisten the "inside" for slippery sex, but believe me, a lubricant can give you much more than quick preparation for sex - this small (but sometimes big) bottle helps you achieve more intense orgasms, longer sex and , no doubt, a stormy prelude.
Water based aloe vera lubricant

However, for those who do not want to believe my words, we choose customer testimonials and also doctor's recommendations.

1. "If you suffer from" drought "does not matter whether it is natural or for medical reasons, but perhaps simply because it is to blame menopause - a good lubricant is like a gift from above. Sex can regain its color" - Dr. Dorree Leen, author of "Sex for grownups".

2. Flavor-enriched lubricants make tastier and different oral sex. 

3. For those who have a sex toy, lubricants double their enjoyment. 

4. Lubricant actually helps to solve the problem of "finishing too early", because the surface becomes slippery and friction is reduced. For this purpose, it is best to choose silicone-based lubricants .

5. Pay too much attention to the lubricant as a moisturizer, when lubricating the lubricant try to massage your favorite places - it will guarantee more passion and sexual fire between you.

6. If a man is gifted by nature and has a bigger penis - the lubricant will ease the fate of the woman (because the big penis - certainly not everyone will like) and you will be able to enjoy sex without discomfort.

7. When making love with condoms, you often feel dry, especially if the sex lasts longer - the lubricant will help both partners not to break their head because of this problem.

8. One great, but little known fact about lubricant - it can prevent infections, because friction without the use of lubricant raises the vaginal temperature, but the environment with a higher temperature - a great place to grow bacteria, so less friction and more lubricant!

9. The less friction - the less likely you are to tear the condom and protect yourself from "ups" moments. This will protect you from reciprocal panic attacks. In addition, once a condom is broken, the phobia of repeating it frustrates sex life for a long time.

10. Saliva cannot replace lubricant, especially that saliva is not hygienic! In addition, they dry immediately.

Then, if you have never tried it before, I suggest you do not hesitate and see for yourself the facts mentioned by me;)


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