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Lelo Hex Original Condoms 6 Pack

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Our world has changed, the condom hasnt, until now! Lelo Hex delivers strength, thinness and sensation through its revolutionary hexagonal structure. Its the first major innovation in years, and the media all over the world are calling it one of the most important advances in condom technology for decades. Theres a reason why honeycombs are the shape they are. Nature knows it, dragonflies know it, Fibonacci knew it, and we know it. Hexagons are strong, symmetrical, even, and tessellates perfectly, theyre natures go-to shape for strength and lightness. With its structure of 350 interconnected hexagons, Hex allows body warmth to be transmitted between partners for a more sensitive and more intimate sexual sensation. Perfectly smooth on the outside, textured on the inside, the hexagonal web within flexes and stretches to fit a wide number of shapes securely.

Features: Lightly lubricated

Diameter: 54mm

Colour: Clear

Flexibility: Very

For who: Male

Material: Latex

Brand: Lelo

Incat name: Lelo